Hadoop Data Mining Simplified

Hadoop Data Mining

While Hadoop provides organizations the opportunity to process Big Data, many Hadoop based solutions are designed for a sparse number of Hadoop data mining specialists. And not every analyst has the skill set nor access to Hadoop. Alteryx enables analysts of all skill levels the ability to read and write data directly from and to Hadoop, enrich the data, and integrate it with any other data source, as well as perform data mining techniques on that data. Self-service analytics is the core of what Alteryx is about, and that includes redefining Big Data platform such as Hadoop from specialized platforms requiring specialized skills, into everyday tool for line-of-business analysts.

Key Alteryx capabilities for data mining and hadoop:

  • Access, integrate, and cleanse all sources of relevant data as varied as Hadoop (including Cloudera, Hortonworks & MapR) or NoSQL (MongoDB), Excel, Access, Teradata, cloud data and more
  • Build sophisticated but accessible predictive and spatial analytics, combined in a simple, workflow design environment
  • Simplify sharing of Big Data analytics with analytic applications that can be accessed by any decision maker
  • Eliminate the need to write code in order to access, cleanse, blend and analyze data in Hadoop

Big Data and Hadoop analytics is simplified with Alteryx. Read "Code-Free Blending of Massive Datasets in Hadoop" and learn more.

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