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Health Data Analysis

There has been a number of changes in the healthcare industry, including government initiatives to increase healthcare access, value-based payment models, greater involvement in consumer purchasing decisions and the digitization of healthcare information. This has resulted in a wide range of data and has increased the expectations from decision makers for health data analysis. As a result, IT is overwhelmed not only with data, but also with data and analysis requests. Alteryx supports healthcare companies with improving their decision making by providing data analysts the ability to access prepare, blend, and analyze data, without any IT dependence or delay.

With the Alteryx platform for self-service data analytics, you can:

  • Gain a unified view of patients by accessing, cleansing, and blending all data including insurance, demographic, clinical and more
  • Improve patient care and patient outcomes by reporting & sharing relevant history and care data with healthcare providers
  • Deliver on-time reporting to achieve regulatory compliance by reducing the data prep and blending data time

Download the following white paper on "Data Blending" for more insights. Learn how Alteryx can help your organization.

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