Healthcare Analytics Software

Self-Service Healthcare Analytics Software

As healthcare data goes digital, the industry is in need of healthcare analytics software that can handle the flood of data and the increasing demands of healthcare industry providers and insurers. Analysts working in the healthcare industry are overwhelmed. Fortunately, Alteryx helps healthcare organizations by providing advanced self-service analytics and faster data blending -- without coding or IT dependence. 

Key Alteryx self-service analytics capabilities:

  • A unified view of patients – Connect to, cleanse, and join all relevant data  (insurance,  clinical, demographic) regardless of system, firewall, or format
  • Increased access to care – Analyze local healthcare needs and existing infrastructure availability based on patient data and location
  • Improved quality of care and patient outcomes – Share relevant patient history and care data among providers
  • Regulatory compliance – On-time reporting with reduced time required to prep and blend data 

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