Easy Data Blending, Faster Analysis

Healthcare Predictive Analytics

The healthcare industry has been impacted by significant changes: the digitization of healthcare information, massive amounts of data, and increasing expectations for fast data analysis. Predictive analytics lets organizations make sense of all of this data to help solve issues like fraud prevention, patient readiness, improving patient outcomes and resource planning. All of this puts pressure on analysts who often rely on IT or data scientist to integrate, prepare and analyze this data.

Alteryx provides analysts within healthcare the ability to:

  • Get a unified view of patients by accessing and blending all relevant data – clinical, insurance, demographics, and more — regardless of system or format
  • Increase access to care by analyzing local healthcare service needs and existing infrastructure availability based on location and patient data
  • Improve quality of care and patient outcomes by reporting and sharing relevant patient data among all healthcare providers
  • Achieve regulatory compliance with on-time reporting by significantly reducing the time required to blend data from all sources

Learn how Alteryx can help your organization with your predictive analytics and data blending needs. Download "Data Blending for Predictive Analytics".

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