Data Mining, Blending, and Analytics -- Simplified

Learn Data Mining

Data mining can empower organizations to take advantage of the growing range data sources and data types that can impact the business such as, customer retention, prospecting, cross-sell and up-sell, assortment planning and sales forecasting. In order to learn data mining in the past, analysts needed to be statisticians or have Ph.D's, in order to use legacy software that was geared towards data mining. Fortunately, Alteryx delivers self-service data analytics that makes data mining easy through a drag and drop workflow that steps analysts through each stage of the data mining process.

Alteryx delivers data mining capabilities to:

  • Simplify data access, cleaning, and blending of disparate data
  • Reduce data prep time - allowing analysts more time to build models
  • Perform data mining techniques such as clustering, regression, classification
  • Deliver data for models which are built in either Alteryx, R, SAS or even SPSS

See why organizations-- from all sizes and industries -- already use Alteryx for self-service data analytics and data mining by downloading your free Alteryx trial today.