Turn Data into Marketing Insights

Marketing Analytics Software

Marketers have access to huge amount of data available from multiple sources - website searches, social media, buying data, customer interactions, and more. This data can be leveraged to gain insights about consumers, their habits, and what drives their behavior, influencing targeted decision-making, and creating successful campaigns. Alteryx enables analysts to blend and analyze all customer and transactional data to provide customer insights for better customer targeting, cross/upsell, or more.

Analysts use marketing analytics software from Alteryx to:

  • Blend and integrate all your marketing data – from any source and location – in hours, not weeks
  • Segment and profile your customers, to target prospects with the most potential
  • Improve campaign performance with easy to use analytics, incorporating spatial, demographic, and modeled data—all in a single workflow

Learn more by downloading our whitepaper “Converting Customer Data into Marketing Insight”.

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