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Master Data Management Strategy

Many analysts across the world are working with inefficient and antiquated data management strategies. Organizations need to find ways to integrate new data types and sources to derive meaningful analytics. It can be difficult for analysts in the line of business to overcome the challenge of traditional data management systems. Alteryx helps these analysts by providing data blending solutions that bring together unstructured and structured data, from which advanced data analytics can be derived. Business analysts can create the specific dataset needed, without relying on others.

How does Alteryx differ from traditional approaches?

  • Blends data on desktop, in cloud systems, databases, or hadoop
  • Prepares, transforms and cleans data, regardless of structure or format
  • Incorporated advanced analytics to take data analysis to the next level
Deliver all of your data needs in one single platform with Alteryx. To learn how Alteryx and data blending can help, download the "Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Report".

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