Open Source Data Quality Tools

Harvard Business Review ReportBig Data analytics provides an opportunity for open source data quality tools to deliver new insights. However, many legacy solutions can't adapt to the changing data landscape. Analysts need to tap into the ongoing growth of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data for strategic advances. Realizing the need for open source data quality tools, Alteryx offers a flexible environment for analysts to take advantage of data across any system and in any format.

Key Alteryx capabilities:

  • Quickly prepare, clean and combine data from any range of data sources
  • Easily implement fuzzy matching techniques to improve the accuracy of your results
  • Reduce the dependency and reliance on data scientists and IT
  • Build repeatable workflow processes for more data consistency and accuracy

Download this report on Data Blending to find out how Alteryx can help augment your data quality, data blending and analytic needs.

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