Faster Oracle Data Quality

Oracle Data Quality

Oracle data quality analysts struggle with slow and complex SQL coding that's traditionally used with Oracle and Microsoft. Legacy analytic solutions can't properly blend massive data; the manual process is time-consuming and painful. This can result in low Oracle data quality and lackluster analytics. Fortunately, Alteryx delivers an easier way for analysts working with Oracle to tap into faster data insights and ensure data quality. Alteryx enables analysts to easily pull or push data from or into an Oracle database and take full advantage of the large, rich data fabric they have access to.

Alteryx enables Oracle data quality for analysts through:

  • A wide range of in-database capabilities to access, prepare and blend data within Oracle
  • Data cleansing and enrichment tools to improve data quality of data stored in Oracle
  • An environment to replace SQL coding for large scale data blending and analytic processes within databases

With Alteryx, advanced analytics and data blending is now in the hands of analysts. Read the Data Blending guide and download the free Alteryx trial.

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