Predictive Analytics Simplified

Predictive Analytics Excel

Microsoft Excel® is a critical tool to almost every organization and essential for analysts. However, analysts face the challenge of using Excel for data cleansing, processing and integrating multiple data sources. Taking your data and analysis to the next level like implementing predictive analytics can be even more challenging, because Excel wasn’t built to handle these advanced analytics and data preparation techniques required in the predictive analytics process.

Alteryx reduces the need for manual processes or coding, delivering the predictive analytics analysts need with the ability to:

  • Deliver faster results, combine multiple spreadsheets and tabs with ease
  • Eliminate manual processes to deliver consistent data
  • Incorporate 40+ predictive techniques for data investigation, modeling, clustering and more

Want to know how Alteryx can help deliver the predictive analytics your organization needs? Download the white paper "7 Steps to Successful Data Blending for Excel" today.

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