Tap into Deeper Insights

Predictive Analytics Online

Predictive analytics provides organizations a competitive edge for making strategic decisions that impact future horizons. But it's also a complex and time-consuming challenge for analysts. Enterprises today need quicker and easier access to insights from predictive analytics. Getting access to predictive analytics online, can make predictive analytics more accessible, resulting in faster and more accurate decisions. Alteryx helps deliver the most complete end to end solution for predictive analytics.

Alteryx gives analyst the ability to:

  • Build datasets for predictive modeling in Alteryx, SAS, R, or SPSS
  • Cleanse, access, and combine disparate data sources without coding
  • Utilize over 40 different predictive and statistical techniques
  • Deliver analytic outcomes and results in a browser based analytic application

Alteryx connects decision makers with critical data, regardless of size, format, or physical location. Download the free trial of Alteryx today.