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Predictive Analytics White Paper

It is proven that incorporating predictive analytics can have a huge impact on business outcomes. The problem is, just like any other analysis, the outcomes are only as accurate as the data that goes into it. Research shows that analysts can spend up to 60-80% of their time getting data ready for analysis. Analysts in the line of business traditionally rely on IT or data scientist to build datasets and also develop predictive models. Alteryx puts the power of data preparation and predictive analytics into the hands of analysts through an inutitive user interface that eliminates the need for coding.

Key Alteryx capabilities for predictive analytics:

  • Access, prepare, and blend disparate data sources without outside intervention
  • Reduce data preparation time through repeatable workflows
  • Utilize over 40 different techniques for statistical and predictive analysis
  • Build datasets to feed predictive modeling in Alteryx, R, SAS, or SPSS

Read our latest cookbook, “7 Steps to Data Blending for Predictive Analytics”, and learn how Alteryx can deliver the self-service data analytics you need.

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