Self-Service Predictive Analytics Tools

Predictive Customer Analytics

As more data on customers becomes available to enterprises, predictive customer analytics can help organizations focus on business factors that have the most impact on customers. However, without the right tools, customer insights can be lost or a struggle to tap into. Understanding the predictive customer analytics needs of today, Alteryx allows you to combine all the data needed to help predict customer satisfaction, service quality, competitive pressure, customer churn and more.

Alteryx delivers self-service data analytics which allows analysts:

  • Fast access to all relevant data: Combine prospect and customer data and external data in a common analytics environment
  • Advanced predictive analytics tools: Identify potential and at-risk customers for proactive and immediate attention
  • Simple sharing of analytic insight: All departments benefit from access to data for retention/acquisition campaigns, customer service inquiries, etc

Read the paper "Converting Customer Data into Marketing Insight" today, and learn how Alteryx can help with predictive customer analytics.

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