R And Big Data

Self Service R And Big Data Analytics

R and Big Data can uncover deep data insights, however, it's a struggle for analysts to access and blend massive datasets with legacy analytics. With the rapid growth of Big Data, analysts must rely on IT or data scientists to apply analytic tools built with R. As time passes, opportunities are missed. 

Thankfully, Alteryx understands the needs of the modern analyst. We deliver self-service advanced analytics and put the power of R language and Big Data directly into the hands of analysts. No coding, no external team reliance. Key Alterxy self-service analytics capabilities include the power to: 

  • Integrate data into analytic applications with  pre-built predictive tools using R
  • Blend data in Hadoop, using the power of R, in an easy workflow – no coding required
  • Share predictive analytics with key decision makers in just a single click 

86% of new Alteryx users deliver value using the product within the first week after installation, according to research. Download "Code-Free Blending of Massive Datasets in Hadoop".

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