Faster Predictive Analysis

R Big Data Analysis

While R Big Data analysis can reveal future insights, predictive analytics is often complex and time-consuming for analysts. Reliance on outside help such as data scientists can lengthen the time to actionable insights. Alteryx puts the value of Big Data and R into the hands of analysts and removes the need for coding and complex scripts.  

Alteryx delivers a self-service data analytics platform to help analysts: 

  • Blend and prepare data inside/outside of Hadoop, Spark,  Redshift, Oracle, Teradata, and more
  • Incorporate pre-built R tools to make predictive analytics more accessible
  • Deliver a repeatable workflow for processing data inside Big Data environments
  • Share Big Data analytic results directly into Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, and Salesforce Wave

Alteryx makes predictive analytics accessible for all analysts. Download the free guide for more information. 

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