Self-Service  Predictive Analytics 

R Data Analytics

Predictive analytics can offer insights on future horizons but most traditional predictive analytics tools are expensive, complex and time-consuming. Analysts need a Ph.D. to understand or must rely on IT for help. Fortunately, Alteryx, with deep integration of the R data analytics in both statistics and predictive language, empowers all analysts with self-service predictive analytics. 

Key Alteryx capabilities for R Data Predictive Analytics:

  •  Pre-built predictive tools using R for simple integration into analytic applications
  • Single workflow for preparing the dataset using Big Data 
  • Easy sharing of analytic applications to get accessible predictive analytics in the hands of decision makers

Alteryx understands the predictive analytic needs of the modern analyst. Tap into future insights, save money and time with Alteryx. Try the Alteryx free trial with your own data. 

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