R For Big Data

Self Service Tools Incorporate R For Big Data

While predictive analytics can offer forward-looking insights, traditional tools are complex, time-consuming and expensive. Moreover, analysts must often rely on IT or data scientists to help them transform Big Data and tools built with R into accessible predictive analysis.

Fortunately, Alteryx understands the needs of today's analysts. Alteryx Analytics, with its integration of the R statistics and predictive language, delivers refined predictive analytics into the hands of all analysts. Key Alteryx capabilities for predictive analytics include:

  • Fastest Platform to build predictive analytics: Pre-built tools using R for easy integration into analytic applications
  • Access to all relevant data: A single workflow for preparing your dataset  before analysis
  • Single click sharing: Get predictive analytics in the hands of decision makers

Read Self-Service Analytics for Cloud-Based Data for more insights. 

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