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Reference Data Management

Effective data management lies in turning data into meaningful and actionable intelligence. However, this can be a struggle for business analysts who don’t have access to the necessary tools to produce the data and analysis they need to drive decisions. It can also be a struggle for IT to handle all of the ad-hoc requests coming from the business. So how do they both become more efficient?

Alteryx offers powerful, easy to-use-software tools that simplifies the process of data management and data set creation. Alteryx does this through a single platform for data blending, advanced analytics and reporting. Alteryx give organizations:

  • Data access and blending tools to help alleviate the data request queue
  • Intuitive predictive analytical visualizations to gain insights faster
  • Easy sharing and consumption analytics to solve specific business challenges

Learn how Alteryx eases the data management process through data blending, download the Harvard Business Review Report now.

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