Get More Value from Customer Data

Salesforce Data Integration

Hundreds of thousands of organizations rely on to fulfill their customer relationship management needs. Salesforce captures a wide range of customer data, however to gain strategic insights into your business operations, you need to integrate Salesforce with other data sources to understand potential customers and segment customers with the most potential.

Alteryx offers an easy to use workflow environment for data blending and advanced analytics that helps with Salesforce data integration through:

  • Easy access and blend Salesforce data with multiple data sources
  • Delivery of complex datasets for customer segmentation, profiling, and predictive modeling
  • Data enrichment with 3rd party data from leading data providers

Data blending and marketing analytics can help ease the burden of Salesforce data integration and help maximize customer experience while minimizing marketing spend. Check out the whitepaper “Improve ROI from and Marketing Automation Data” to learn more.