Elevating Advanced Analytics with Ease

SAS Advanced Analytics

Analysts who try to use SAS advanced analytics find it limited, laborious and expensive. Many analysts spend too many resources and too much time getting data ready in SAS. SAS advanced analytics is powerful for data scientists, but business analysts often struggle with its complexity, which results in time-consuming processes that relies on others to deliver the data they need. Alteryx empowers analysts with self-service data analytics that delivers an intuitive and cost-effective platform to help augment analyst's struggles with SAS.

Alteryx delivers the right data for predictive analytics through:

  • A repeatable workflow for data prep, blending, and analysis
  • Extensive tools for data preparation to speed up data delivery
  • Over 40 tools for data investigation, clustering, times series, modeling, and more
  • Flexible delivery of data in SAS, R, SPSS or Alteryx

Try Alteryx for free today and see how to suppport your current SAS advanced analytics models.