Social Media Data for More informed Decisions

Social Media Data Analytics

In the past, organizations were on the outside looking in when it came to making sense of or incorporating social media data into their analysis. That is no longer the case as social media data analytics is becoming a requirement to help businesses drive better decisions that can impact the success of a program. Where organizations still struggle is combining social data in aggregated form with other types of data or systems of record to allow them to unlock a wealth of key insights about markets, segments, and customers. This is where Alteryx can help yield that valuable data insights for organizations and analysts across all industries. Alteryx empowers analysts with a workflow designed for data blending and advanced analytics through:

  • Access, integration, and transformation of data from social media outlets like Foursquare, Twitter and more
  • Over 60+ tools for predictive and spatial analytics to drive deeper insights
  • Integration with the leading visualization tools like Qlik, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI

Improve your decision making process by utilizing all of your relevant data. To find out how Alteryx and data blending can help enable social media data analytics, download the “Definitive Guide to Data Blending” now.