Tableau Dashboard Visual Analytics Kit

Tableau Dashboard

A well thought out Tableau dashboard can lead to faster speed to insight and ad hoc business discovery. However dashboards are only as good as the data that feeds them. With Alteryx, data analysts can pre-process data in a single workflow. Workflows are editable, meaning if your visualization needs change you can go back and update the workflow feeding your dashboard. Workflows are also re-useable, allowing a data analysts work to extend across an organization. Within an Alteryx workflow, a data analyst can

  • Blend data from all sources including cloud and local data sources
  • Clean incorrect and null data and format into the right shape for your Tableau visualization
  • Perform advanced predictive and geo-spatial analytics, no coding required
  • Automate delivery and refreshes of underlying data to Tableau visualizations

Download the visual analytics kit today for a free trial of Alteryx, and sample Alteryx workflows that output to beautiful, pre-built Tableau visualizations.