Faster and More Informed Tableau Data Visualizations

Tableau Data Visualization

As your organization grows, so do your analytic needs. However, with this growth comes new challenges for data analysts. Disparate data types, multiple data sources, and the need to support multiple business units with data analytics can be overwhelming. Alteryx enables data analysts with tools to blend data faster and automate their data blending work. With less time spent gathering and preparing data, more time can be spent visualizing data in Tableau.

Alteryx provides the data analyst with a way to:

  • Blend all relevant data sources and enrich them with third-party data -- all in a single workflow
  • Structure data into perfect formats for Tableau without extensive manual efforts
  • Tap into data analytical context with predictive and geo-spatial analytics -- no coding required
  • Output and update results directly to Tableau

To enable enhanced Tableau visualizations faster, download the Alteryx Visual Analytics Kit today.

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