Make Big Data accessible 

Tableau Software with Hadoop

While Big Data can offer actionable and strategic insights, analysts face the obstacles of quickly preparing data in Hadoop for Tableau. The complexity often requires outside help and is time-consuming. Fortunately, Alteryx empowers analysts with an intuitive drag and drop interface to quickly blend and refine datasets in Hadoop, simplifying big data prep for Tableau.

With Alteryx as a bridge between data in Hadoop and Tableau data visualizations, analysts are enabled to:

  • Utilize the full computing power of the Hadoop platform to manipulate data
  • Enrich datasets by combining data from Hadoop with other sources of data
  • Create the perfect dataset for Tableau visualizations all on one platform

Alteryx realizes the needs of the modern analyst by combining the power of Hadoop and Tableau. Download the data blending report for more insights. 


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