Tools For Big Data

Self Service Tools For Big Data and R

Big Data and tools built with R can deliver actionable business opportunities, but accessing those insights can be a challenge. Relying on IT, dealing with a deluge of data types, preparing and blending Big Data -- all create more obstacles for analysts today. 

Fortunately, Alteryx empowers analysts with self-service analytic tools to tackle Big Data challenges. Alteryx's sophisticated, but intuitive workflow enables analysts to:

  • Blend data in Hadoop using the power of R -- no coding required
  • Put predictive analytics into the hands of decision makers with a single click
  • Integrate data into analytic applications with pre-built predictive tools 

86% of new Alteryx users deliver more value within the first week, according to research. Use the right tools for analyzing Big Data. Download our "Code-Free Blending of Massive Datasets in Hadoop" today. 

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