Visual Analytics Software

Visual Analytics Software

Interactive visual analytics software can help streamline the data analysis process and lead to deeper insights in the decision making process. The challenge for most visual analytics software programs is getting data in the right format and shape to deliver the most in-depth visualization. Alteryx delivers faster data blending and preparation to create the most complex dataset needed to drive insight from visualizations. Offering an easy drag and drop workflow, analysts can easily blend all data sources and apply advanced predictive and spatial analytics, with no coding.

Alteryx speeds up the delivery of data to visual analytics software by empowering analysts to:

  • Get all of the data you need from multiple sources in one place quickly
  • Structure your data into the perfect format for visual analytics software without long manual efforts
  • Output results directly to Tableau and automate updates every time your data changes

To learn more, download whitepaper “6 Steps to Faster Data Blending for Tableau”.

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