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Web Analytics Software

Organizations looking to make the most of web related activity, such as website visits, conversion rates, and paid inbound success need to have the right web analytic software in place to ensure success. Often times though they will need to combine that data with other data from CRM systems, transactional database and more to make more information decisions or understand the success of their programs. Alteryx gives organizations the tools needed to derive quality web analytics through a single platform for data blending and advanced analytics. Alteryx helps analysts makes the most out of web analytics by:

  • Accessing, blending and processing data from the web with internal or external sources
  • Developing key performance indicators to better understand the success of your programs
  • Creating smarter sales and marketing deployment strategies to drive business

We offer a packaged data download connector to easily extract data from Google Analytics, URLs, and more. Did you know that 86% of Alteryx users deliver business value in their first week of using the product? To see for yourself, download a trial today.