How to Gain Insight from Customer Analytics

What Is Customer Analytics

Customer analytics answers questions like -- Which customers to target? Which promotions improve response rate? Which marketing investments will yield most sales? But with the emergence of new data types and sources, analysts face the challenge of tapping into deep customer analytics insights with legacy solutions and methods. Alteryx allows you to deliver a unified view of customer data from all channels and systems, and easily enrich it with integrated firmographic, demographic, segmentation, and geo-spatial data.

Learn how Alteryx capabilities for Customer Analytics can help:

  • Bridge the gap from acquiring customer data to deriving meaningful insights
  • Deliver value of strategic segmentation, including predictive modeling, behavioral profiling, and life-stage targeting
  • Understand how companies like Experian, Schneider Electric and Southern States Cooperative are using customer data to improve marketing ROI

Alteryx can help you harness the power of customer data. Read "Converting Customer Data into Marketing Insights".

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