You are here: Post Big Data. Pre Big Insights.

Business observers have been excited about the era of Big Data for years. Pundits and thought leaders made sweeping predictions around the era of Big Insights and even Big Impacts. 

But a disconnect between data analysts and their executive leadership has stymied these impressive predictions around Big Data. The truth is that neither side is very happy.

Data analysts are teeming with valuable insights, but can’t see them through. When they try, stakeholders simplify or misunderstand the message. Or leaders default to “management by gut,” your worst nightmare as a data-driven analyst. 

Meanwhile, stakeholders are asked to invest large budgets in data but don’t see the actionable insights they were promised. What good is all the data in the world if it doesn’t impact sales? 

“What we have here is a failure to communicate.” (Say it in your best Cool Hand Luke voice.) 

The challenge is remarkably well-defined and the stakes for failure have never been higher. But neither side speaks the other’s language. 

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