You know a good thing when you see it — and when you saw Alteryx, it was love at first sight. From the first moment of your free trial, you were ready to propose a permanent relationship. Now you’ve got to make the case for Alteryx to your manager … or your life will never be complete again. 

Put on Your Boss Hat

In order to walk away with a resounding “yes,” you need to put yourself in your manager’s position. Making the case for new software is all about the business benefits it delivers, not how cool it is — although our customers are known for saying the Alteryx Platform makes them feel “badass.” Let’s keep the profanity out of your formal pitch and stick to how Alteryx streamlines your biggest analysis bottlenecks like finding, prepping, and blending data so you can generate game-changing insights and fuel better business outcomes. 

There’s nothing quite as powerful as social proof laced with hard data. Open your pitch with the story of how a major U.S. airline used the Alteryx Platform to clear the bottlenecks limiting its analytic capacity — and the incredible business benefits it enjoyed by doing so. 


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