Make Data Work for You, Instead of Working for Your Data

It’s easy to get sucked into the vortex of urgency in your everyday work. Innovative, game-changing projects take a backseat to simply finishing the tasks of the day, and you’re stuck not reaching your full potential. What if you could make your data work for you? 

The benefits of streamlining your processes are far-reaching. You impress the boss, but more importantly, you impress yourself and begin to comprehend what’s possible with your data. 

A Rose By Any Other Name

Whether you call it data preparation, data munging, or data wrangling, too much of your time in data preparation leaves very little time for you to actually spend analyzing data.

You may already be doing basic analysis, but if data preparation sucks up the majority of your time or you wish you could use analytics to solve more complex problems, start exploring solutions that offer repeatability and automation. If you can tackle better practices for basic prep work, then you'll free up time to explore the rest of what analytics has to offer. The entry point is getting your time back. 

Here are seven statements we hear from data analysts who have embraced some form of Alteryx Analytic Process Automation™ (APA) and are making their data work for them.

1. “I feel free.”

First on the list is spending less time preparing data for analysis and more time analyzing it. The average analyst spends 80% of their time preparing data for analysis and just 20% actually analyzing, according to “The 80/20 Data Science Dilemma.” Flip that rule on its head and free your time.

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