(or, How To Stop Wrangling Your Data And Start Analyzing It)

Adobe Analytics. Marketo. You know it, you love it, you couldn’t live without it. 

There’s just one thing. Extracting, prepping, cleaning, and reporting on all that data takes time. So much time, in fact, that there’s precious little left for actual analysis. But what if you could get it back?

The secret is integrating data and analytics with automation, so all those traditionally lengthy, tedious tasks virtually do themselves. In this comprehensive piece, discover:

  • Three key data issues that slow down analysis and prevent you from achieving the 360-degree customer view you need
  • Four ways adding automation to Adobe Analytics and Marketo gives you more accurate predictions and evaluations, stronger marketing impact, and higher campaign performance
  • Three integrated analytics capabilities you’ll wonder how you lived without — and how Virgin Atlantic used them to boost campaign responses by 10 percent and loyalty program acquisition by 20 percent

Tap the full power of Adobe technology that you already use every day. Access this time-saving article right now.

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