Unleash Your
Inner AI


Assisted Modeling

With Alteryx Assisted Modeling, the power of machine learning belongs to everyone. Now you can build trustworthy predictive models without extensive training or specialty software.  

Ready to break analytic barriers and answer new questions? Assisted Modeling walks you through the process of building predictive models quickly and without coding. Prep your dirty data from every source imaginable before transforming it into forward-thinking models in just 5 steps. Join our beta program now to turn your data into actionable insights today.


animated gif demo of assisted modeling


Step up your analytics game: Let Alteryx be your guide as you learn to build machine-learning models without extensive training, so you can improve your organization's decisions and get the recognition you deserve

Stay in control and see the details: The guided data transformation process puts you in control of key decisions, and visual comparisons make it easy to chose the right path for you as well as explain your finished model

End-to-end modeling workflow: Create and deploy models as part of your analysis within the self-service analytics platform you already know and love - Alteryx Designer


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