44 percent of your time could be better spent.

Data analysts spend the majority of their day searching, prepping and blending data. What they could be doing instead is answering questions on "what," "why," "when," "what next?" Alteryx Designer automates the mundane tasks so that you can focus on the insights that matter. That’s why thousands of organizations around the globe rely on Alteryx every day for insights.

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"We use Alteryx to predict things like which components will require maintenance in the near future and what flavors provide the best product mix..."

Jay Caplan, Senior Business Analytics Manager


Doing weeks of work in minutes sounds impossible.
We call it a breakthrough.

Shortcut your way to insight with drag-and-drop analytic automation. 86 percent of new Alteryx users report delivering business value in their first week alone. Be an analytics hero and start your free trial today!

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