No data science experience? No problem.

Make Alteryx Designer even smarter by adding the Intelligence Suite. Draw meaningful insights from documents containing text and image data and create powerful predictive models through a step-by-step code-free guided process. Now machine learning is within reach for everyone from analyst to citizen data scientists.

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"The average data science team gets between 0 and 4 models in production per year. With Alteryx Assisted Modeling, you could be doing that in an afternoon."

Technical Lead, Bulien


Fill the skills gap. Be a hero.

The United States alone will face a shortage of 250,000 data scientists by 2024. Intelligence Suite’s guided ML capabilities make you the solution, bringing no-code data science to Alteryx Designer.


  • Leverage automated machine learning to create predictive models in just minutes with a guided user experience.
  • Use OCR to turn documents into data, and NLP to extract insights from text with sentiment and topic modeling.
  • Drive the outcomes your business needs to make forward-looking decisions.


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