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Trifacta Legend June 2020: Zack Pike of Callahan

June 16, 2020

Trifacta Legends is a monthly award series showcasing users who are doing legendary work with data. Are you doing legendary work in Trifacta? Apply to be a Trifacta Legend HERE.

Zack Pike

VP, Data Strategy & Marketing Analytics at Callahan

“Being in the marketing and business intelligence space, we process data from a number of clients, all coming in different formats and with varying levels of clean-up needed. For any data we need to clean, we push it through Trifacta first before ending up in BigQuery. In some cases, we may have 20 point-of-sale files all from different providers in different formats that we need to harmonize. Trifacta allows us to automate all of those messy load processes, and it allows someone who is not an SQL-master to do it. Also, Trifacta helps us identify those cleaning needs in the first place. For example, we may receive a sales file in CSV with 90+ million rows. We could drop that into a bigquery table and then try to find all of the problems with it, or we could push it through Trifacta first and identify (and fix) those issues much faster (ie. date/timestamp fields with random formatting issues, delimiters causing malformed fields, etc, etc). Trifacta saves my team hours and hours of work.”

Zack and his team at Callahan are using Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta to clean, prepare and get value out of the data they receive from customers. Watch our interview with Zack below to learn more about Callahan and their Marketing Analytics: