What’s New in Designer Cloud 9.7

What's New   |   Paul Warburg   |   Dec 24, 2022

What’s New in 9.7

We’re excited to share our latest capabilities from the and 9.7 release. As always, there’s a wide range of new features to discuss:

Restart Plans from Failed Tasks

In 9.7, if a plan fails, users are now able to restart the plan from the first point of failure, running only the failed task and all downstream tasks after the failed task. This means users will no longer need to rerun an entire plan in the event of failure, saving resources and allowing for faster execution.



Toggle Histogram Option

Users can now toggle the Histograms and Data Quality Bar in the Transformer view, allowing for faster performance when conducting quick updates – especially when working with larger data samples. The column histograms can be enabled or disabled from the Transformer page. To activate this feature, it must first be enabled in workspace settings (Experimental Settings > Enable/Disable Data Grid from view options).

Schema Drift Detection Updates:

In 9.7, existing column drift detection capabilities have been extended to support the detection of new, removed, or moved columns in delimited source files (such as CSV, TSV, pipe delimited, etc.). With schema drift detection enabled, users are always notified about schema changes. Jobs can be stopped automatically if any changes in schema are detected, and the respective configuration is enabled.

Users Can Now Cancel Plan Runs

Users with viewer permission on plans can now cancel plan runs from the Run Details page. This allows users to cancel plans if needed without needing to contact an admin.

Support for Ubuntu 20.04

With 9.7,  will have support for Ubuntu 20.04 (upgraded from Ubuntu 18.04).

Google Cloud Dataprep Specific Features:

In 9.7, we have additional updates specific to Google Cloud Dataprep:

  • Support for Complex Data Types When Publishing to BigQuery: Users can now publish Objects and arrays of Objects to BigQuery Structs. Previously, these were published as String values.
  • In-VPC Support for Conversion Service for Private Data Planes: 9.7 adds support to allow Conversions to be run within Containers within Google Private Data Planes.
  • Default Settings for Dataflow Execution: We’ve added the ability to create default settings at the workspace level for Dataflow Execution, allowing admins to skip the step of manually assigning settings to each new user. With this update, admins can also lock the ability to override default settings, giving them full control of all execution settings if needed.

New connector with 9.7 Release

We continue our journey to help you connect to any data source, enabling additional use cases. With our 9.7 release, we support the following new connector:

  • AlloyDB (Read and Write)

For more information, see Early Preview Connection Types. You can learn all about our connectivity updates here.

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