What’s New in Designer Cloud 8.10 Release

What's New   |   Paul Warburg   |   Dec 8, 2021

The Designer Cloud (formerly Trifacta) Release Train is back again with yet another set of capabilities. Our newest 8.10 release delivers SQL-based ELT with Snowflake, SSH Tunneling capabilities, easier user management, new data connectors, and more. Let’s get started.

SQL-based ELT with Pushdown on Snowflake, the Data Cloud (Preview)

Enabling the data stack to support both ETL and ELT paradigms is critical to the modern data architecture for organizations to achieve their desired business outcomes. On that note, data transformation is critical to delivering consumable data for analytics and machine learning. You can now sign up for a preview on Trifacta’s newest capability for SQL-based ELT on Snowflake, the Data Cloud. This is complementary to our innovation in pushdown optimization on Google BigQuery that we launched earlier this year. Now, with full pushdown on Snowflake, the data transformation logic also known as the wrangling logic is converted into SQL, and the transformations are executed directly on Snowflake. During transformations, the data stays within Snowflake, resulting in a secure solution that efficiently uses the compute resources in the cloud to deliver a complete data transformation solution strengthening the “T” in the ELT architecture. 


Read our technical blog post for all details of this exciting new capability. 

Strengthening the hybrid cloud architecture with SSH Tunneling

It is common practice for hosts such as database servers to be on-premises within a private network. Since these hosts are on a private IP address, they cannot reach or cannot be reached via the public Internet to access cloud services and applications like Designer Cloud. Designer Cloud helps connect to these hosts either through whitelisting specific IP addresses or opening application ports. Many a time, opening application ports is not an option due to enterprise security guidelines. To overcome these constraints, Designer Cloud offers an additional option with SSH Tunneling, a secure solution where SSH ports are open for access from the public Internet when needed. The critical aspect here is that all data is encrypted during transit, thereby maintaining a secure transport.


You can now access private hosts from Designer Cloud using SSH through a private tunnel, enabling secure access to and from the cloud. This capability is supported on MYSQL, Postgre SQL, Oracle, and SQL Server databases. Click here to can learn more about SSH Tunneling with Designer Cloud to access private hosts. 

Workspace Admin Roles in Dataprep by Trifacta on Google Cloud

We now have a “Workspace Admin” role on Dataprep to manage users and roles within the workspace. The Workspace Admin can create, assign, update, and delete roles to and from users, and will be able to access users’ objects. This enables easy management of privileges on flows, connections, and plans. The Workspace Admin role is automatically assigned to all Project Owners and can be granted to additional users if needed. Read our community article that explains the benefits of this role as well as how to use it to assign and manage within Dataprep on Google Cloud.

Track Current Active Sessions

You can now easily track the currently active sessions in the user interface by clicking on the sessions link. Administrators can view users who are currently logged in and their active sessions.

Additional connectors for your data sources

As part of our endeavor to help you connect to a wide range of data sources, we continue to extend our configurable JDBC framework for new connectors. With the 8.10 release, we have 2 additional connectors for your use cases.

  1. SurveyMonkey: With this new connector, you can access your surveys on SurveyMonkey using the easy-to-integrate JDBC driver.
  2. Xero: You can now connect to this popular cloud-based accounting software that performs bookkeeping functions such as invoicing and payroll quickly.

We believe access to data sources is critical for businesses to gain a competitive advantage, and these connections will help you gain that benefit. You can learn all about our connectivity updates here.

That’s a wrap for now. You can always sign up for a free trial of Designer Cloud and leverage all these exciting capabilities. Till next time!