What’s New in Designer Cloud 8.5 Release

What's New   |   Paul Warburg   |   Jul 26, 2021

Time flies faster when you are having fun. It’s already a month since our last update on what’s new from Designer Cloud (formerly Trifacta). Our innovation journey continues and we are happy to announce the latest 8.5 release from Designer Cloud. Below are the highlights.

Efficient Data Management 

One of the key traits of the modern cloud data warehouse (CDW) is better, easy, and efficient data management. To facilitate this aspect of the modern CDW, you can now run SQL statements within the Designer Cloud user interface using any JDBC connector, before data ingestion and after it is published to a database table. You can add multiple SQL scripts to an output object, add parameters within statements in each script, and dynamically pass different values for each run. This capability will help you meet the requirements for many use cases including (but not limited to) inserting and updating log entries into a database of your choice, creating and refreshing tables, managing partitions, enabling and disabling indexes, and validating queries.

Learn more on how to run SQL scripts

Improved Usability With Better Recipe Control

You can now easily identify, understand, and rectify errors in your recipes for Designer Cloud jobs. This enables better control while maintaining flows over longer periods of time. Detecting and understanding errors in the transformation logic for your recipes on your own or when collaborators edit flows while inadvertently introducing errors is invaluable as you strive towards high-quality, consumable data. Additionally, this capability results in improved operational efficiency for your workflows at the time of authoring them and during execution.


Global Availability Of Environment Parameters

You can now create, use, and assign values to environment parameters globally at the workspace level or at each project level. With this capability, you can use the same variable in different flows and plans or export an existing plan to production. Variable values can be updated centrally leading to reduced friction while moving artifacts between projects.

Learn more on how to create environment parameters

Richer Number Formatting

You can now change number strings with rich formats such as $1,234.56 to $1234.56. This is especially useful if you are working with financial data, data from global regions, or manually entered data. With this capability, you can input all Excel and Google Sheet formats into NUMFORMAT, and use NUMBERVALUE to go from a column with a particular format to a number (float or integer). 

Learn more about richer number formatting

Universal Data Connectivity

As part of our ongoing advances to enable connectivity across any data source, we now support connectivity to Teradata and Impala. This helps you connect to additional data sources, enabling ubiquitous connectivity for your data. Check out the integrations page for the supported list of connectors.

Additionally, you can now express interest and ask for a particular connector if it is already not supported by Designer Cloud. This helps us understand your requirements and enable additional connectors.

Login to your Designer Cloud projects today to take advantage of all these capabilities. We have just begun our data engineering journey. Stay tuned for more innovations coming your way from Designer Cloud, the Data Engineering Cloud.