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Which edition of Google Cloud Dataprep would you use?

Technology   |   Bertrand Cariou   |   Apr 7, 2021

We recently announced a new pricing model with multiple editions to enable any organization, be it companies with mature data engineering teams accustomed to managing modern data pipelines or companies with relatively new data engineering teams with little to no experience. We will now dive deep into each edition of the pricing model to help you pick the right edition that will meet your requirements to wrangle your data.

To start with, we listened to your feedback and lowered the entry barrier to use Dataprep, so anyone can benefit from its comprehensive capabilities and start wrangling data. We now have a per-user model where individuals and organizations can start using Dataprep from as low as $80 per user with the Starter edition. Would you like to test drive and experience Dataprep today? You can try Dataprep for free for 30 days now.

What is the Starter edition all about?

With the Google Cloud Dataprep Starter edition, you get all the core features that have made Dataprep so popular with data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists. The Dataprep Starter edition can help address the most complex data engineering requirements for data warehouses, data lakes, and AI/ML feature engineering requirements with many features, some of which are described below:

Interactive Data Transformations: With a single click, you can apply complex transformations like aggregations, pivots, unpivot, joins, unions, extractions, calculations, comparisons, conditions, merges, regular expressions, and more. Based on your interaction related to the data type or pattern, you can get personalized recommendations to transform your data and validate transformation results with immediate visual feedback. 

Data Profiling: You can observe and assess your data through interactive visual distributions of data pattern characteristics, assisting in the interpretation and validation of data volumes of any size.

Collaboration and sharing: You can build collective intelligence by working together with your coworkers and partner teams on the same flow objects in real-time or by creating copies for others to work independently.

Connectivity to core data systems: You can process data stored in Cloud Storage, BigQuery, Google Sheets, Excel, and other files such as JSON. You can then move the refined data to BigQuery or Cloud Storage for analysis, visualization, or machine learning.

Performance from the Google Cloud processing power: Dataprep utilizes the relevant data processing engine based on data volume and locality to deliver the fastest data output. Dataprep optimizes the job execution leveraging Trifacta’s in-memory processing engine for small data sets, BigQuery SQL pushdown (ELT) when the data is already in BigQuery, or Dataflow parallel data processing framework for large distributed datasets.

Customer Support: With Dataprep Starter, you can get support from Trifacta and Google Cloud’s dynamic community by asking questions about Dataprep on Stack Overflow using the google-cloud-dataprep tag. You can also join the Google Cloud Slack community by using this form to sign up and interact in the #dataprep channel. Finally, you can always join the Community to explore numerous resources and ask questions.

Elevate your wrangling experience with Dataprep Professional edition

In addition to all the capabilities offered by the Dataprep Starter edition, you can leverage many advanced capabilities with the Dataprep Profession edition, some of which are described here:

Additional 180+ Connectors: If the data you need to wrangle is outside of Google Storage, BigQuery, or Google Sheets, Dataprep Professional offers over 180 data sources to integrate with, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and many more. Learn more about all the connectors you can connect to integrate your data in the new integrations page.

Advanced Data Quality: you can build data quality indicator dashboards to monitor your data accuracy, completeness, consistency, validity, and uniqueness. Dataprep automatically identifies data flaws and provides suggestions to remediate the data issues.

Scheduling and Orchestration: With the Dataprep Professional edition, you can orchestrate the execution of recipes on a recurring basis with scheduling, email notifications, hooks to external tasks, alerts, and conditional branching to automate your entire data pipeline.

Customer Success: With the Dataprep Professional edition, you get a named Trifacta Customer Success Manager who you can rely on and reach out to, for advice and guidance in your data preparation journey.

Standard Support: Call or chat with a Trifacta support engineer during week day business hours.

Looking for more? Get the Dataprep Enterprise edition

Advanced APIs integration: You can integrate Dataprep as part of a broader analytics solution or operationalize data preparation within your enterprise data process with APIs for job execution monitoring, import/export, parameterization, and many more

If you are operating in a highly regulated industry with advanced security and compliance requirements, we have you covered with the Dataprep Enterprise edition that offers everything that the Professional edition offers and more. Additionally, you can also gain access to premium support. More details are below: 

Fine-grained Access Controls (OAuth) and Single Sign On (SSO): In the Enterprise edition, network admins can leverage Google IAM roles to enforce user-level permissions within Dataprep. When fine grained access is enabled, only authorized users will be able to access and prepare data available in BigQuery, Cloud Storage, and Google Sheets. Additionally, admins can leverage a wide range of network configurations including Single Sign On (SSO), custom networks, private IPs, or shared VPCs.

Premium Support: The Enterprise edition offers premium support with 24/7 support with faster response times. 

We provide flexibility and choice for all your data preparation requirements

With a broad range of capabilities and a flexible pricing structure, we can help you find the right edition of Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta to meet your needs. Please visit the pricing page to get details of capabilities and pricing for all editions, pick the right edition, and start wrangling today.

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