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Technology Jun 6, 2021
When working with a variety of data formats JSON to XLS is a great solution. JSON to XLS means unnesting the structure and shoehorning in in...
Technology Mar 5, 2021
JSON to Array
JSON to Array conversions gives you faster data that’s analysis-ready. Learn more about how Trifacta helps speed up JSON to Array transfor...
People Feb 11, 2021
Virginia Tech Students Confront Complex Challenges With Data
See how MBA students at Virginia Tech are getting hands-on experience with data analytics tools to help solve complex business and social is...
People Nov 3, 2020
Become the Citizen Data Scientist of Every Company’s Dreams
Check out these top resources to help you sharpen your data science skills.
People Jul 25, 2020
Excel Running Slow? See How Designer Cloud Can Help
Excel running slow? Excel lagging is a common complaint when tackling big datasets. Learn more about how to avoid Excel running slow with De...
People May 14, 2020
Five Industry Influencers to Follow
These five industry luminaries share ideas, insights, and inspiration to help you transform business outcomes into breakthroughs.
People Apr 16, 2020
5 Data Inspired Resources to Keep Isolation Interesting
From binging to baking: Five free data inspired activities to help keep isolation interesting.
People Aug 21, 2019
Characteristics of the Olympic Data Analyst
Here are some common traits, tasks, and truths of analysts and a few defining characteristics that set the Olympians leading the way to anal...
People Aug 21, 2019
7 Things Badass Analysts Say and Do
As an empowered analyst, what do you say and do?
Technology Jul 30, 2019
July ‘19 Wrangler Release — Macros and Enhancements to Transform by Example and Cluster Clean
Macros allow you to bundle multiple steps in a Designer Cloud recipe as a single object and to create parameters for it.
Technology Nov 4, 2016
JSON Transformation & Why We Need to Transform JSON
A JSON transformation is needed when integrating disparate data, typically web-based data with information pulled from internal databases.