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Gabrielle Henderson

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Real-Life Breakthroughs

People of all skill sets, in organizations of all sizes, are experiencing business breakthroughs every day using Alteryx. What will your organization do with the power of Analytics Automation?


Global sportswear company ups their game and achieves $40M revenue growth

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Analytics on customer engagement marries with location analysis to extend the reach and relevance of this company’s marketing campaigns. Analytics Automation also helps the business tailor the right offerings to the right customers by location — resulting in big revenue increases.

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Multinational Coffee Company

Coffee company brews up breakthroughs

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Mapping and analyzing supply chain and staffing roadblocks at this global coffee chain enables the company to ensure it has enough inventory to meet daily demand, enough staff to brew it all, and enough locations to meet consumer demand.

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Symphony Care Network

Innovative healthcare company saves $1.3M

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Automated, daily patient reporting enables Symphony nurses to tailor and improve care across the network’s 34 facilities. Concurrently, automation helps employees in Symphony administration to dramatically reduce the manual work required to glean insights from data and produce reports, leading to an 800% productivity increase.

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Medical platform slashes COVID research time from days to minutes

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When the spread of COVID created an unprecedented need to process massive amounts of medical data within the Castor data-capture platform, the company turned to Alteryx analytics automation to complete five-day COVID analysis processes in less than five minutes.

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Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

Automating training for over 120,000 employees

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Using an analytics-driven employee training dashboard, this company was able to train more than 120,000 employees worldwide, with an astonishing 95% compliance rate.

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Sales Benchmark Index

Sales & marketing firm speeds client response & insights

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Sales Benchmark Index handles clients who work in constantly changing fields. Using Analytics Automation to populate its reports with up-to-the-minute data, SBI enables clients to respond quickly and effectively to fast-changing market decisions.

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Putting 19 million meals in mouths, not landfills

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Timely, accurate analysis helps this Australian food rescue organization to determine where to collect and distribute roughly 200 tons of food each week. Distribution for maximum impact became increasingly important during COVID, when food insecurity spiked and a growing number of Australians needed OzHarvest’s help.


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Fast Company says Alteryx turns “mere mortals into data-science superheroes.” Watch our new video series to see how real people use Analytics Automation to turn insight into impact.

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