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Ernst & Young LLP

EY's Global Platform Delivers Value With Artificial Intelligence

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[With Alteryx] our tax teams are able to not only finish the returns on time, but also do analytics on those returns and feel really confident with the information they’re providing to the government.

Ernst & Young LLP Key Stats

Industry: Professional Services
Department: Finance
Region: EMEA
Going beyond the standard extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes, EY’s Innovation Council developed and deployed complex Artificial Intelligence models through Alteryx Python building blocks to enable efficient deployment of the intelligent classification algorithms across a number of use cases.

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Analytic Automation that adds up

With Alteryx Analytic Process Automation™, organizations can realize top-line growth, bottom-line savings, risk reduction, and efficiency gains.
McLaren Race Car
Customer Story

McLaren Racing fast tracks data analytics in the race to accelerate

McLaren Formula 1 team consolidates 11.8 billion data-points to maximize race performance.

Supply Chain
Analytics Leader
BI/Analytics/Data Science
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Growing a data-culture, naturally, at Roquette

A global leader in plant-based ingredients implemented Alteryx to enable strategic decision-making at scale.

Data Scientist
Business Leader
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Change Grow Live delivers vital health and social care, supported by data.

Health charity Change, Grow Live Switches from cumbersome monthly to actionable daily reporting on 100,000 service users.

Analytics Leader
Europe, Middle East, Africa
Process Automation
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