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Customer Story

IQVIA Drives Savings and Quality Improvements by Bringing Shared Services In-House

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IQVIA Key Stats

Industry: Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals
Department: Finance
Region: AMER

finance processes automated in 6 months

net cost savings by bringing shared services in house

Learn how IQVIA has saved significantly while improving SLAs, KPIs, and quality metrics by bringing financial services back in-house to serve their more than 70,000 employees. 

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With Alteryx Analytic Process Automation™, organizations can realize top-line growth, bottom-line savings, risk reduction, and efficiency gains.
McLaren Race Car
Customer Story

McLaren Racing fast tracks data analytics in the race to accelerate

McLaren Formula 1 team consolidates 11.8 billion data-points to maximize race performance.

Supply Chain
Analytics Leader
BI/Analytics/Data Science
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Apter Streamlines Customer Tax Projects with Alteryx
Customer Story

Apter Streamlines Customer Tax Projects with Alteryx + UiPath

Tax consultancy Apter built a fully automated, end to end tax management solution in 3 weeks.

Risk Reduction
Business Leader
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Customer Story

KPMG digitally transforms outcomes for clients with analytics automation

Big Four accounting organization, KPMG, unlocks access to actionable insights for customers

Business Leader
Financial Planning & Analysis
Analytics Leader
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