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Veritone Gives Advertisers Game-Changing Insights into Spend With Alteryx & AI

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Veritone Key Stats

Industry: Technology
Department: Business Intelligence
Region:North America

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Helping brands and broadcast stations make data-informed decisions in a digital world

Veritone, Inc. is an artificial intelligence technology company that provides tools and SaaS products to help TV and radio stations prove advertising attribution to their clients. Powered by the organization’s proprietary aiWARE operating system, Veritone’s products include Attribute, which correlates radio and TV spots to online traffic for an advertiser’s website, and Discovery, which allows stations to easily track and verify ads, including organic mentions outside of prerecorded spots.

Within the company is a business unit that acts as a full-service, outcome-based advertising agency that specializes in creating native and traditional ads for recognizable brands, utilizing traditional broadcast as well as newer media such as streaming, podcasting and influencer marketing. Among the agency’s strengths is the ability to track performance of ads through Veritone’s products, enabling them to deliver successful campaigns in a way that is simple, measurable, and scalable. "Veritone's agency has been using Alteryx for several years to cut down on manual and repetitive tasks when it comes to delivering weekly performance reports for brands' advertising campaigns," says Trevor Jones, Vice President of Business Operations and Analytics at Veritone.

“Before loading data for visualization, we were using Excel spreadsheets for all of our data blending. We soon hit the limitation on using Excel due to large datasets and the lack of flexibility to connect to different data sources. The process was subject to delays and slowed our ability to deliver enhanced analysis and reports to our clients.”

On the SaaS side, Veritone wanted to develop a foundational Uplift Study analyzing best practices for generating maximum lift in broadcast and radio advertising. By showing how effective broadcast advertising can be (especially when compared with digital),this report would be a means of conveying the value of its products because they are able to directly link broadcast campaigns to lift in consumer activity. Poring through Excel sheets to manually derive analytical insights from 250 radio and TV campaigns.

Trevor Jones,
Vice President,
Business Operations & Analytics, Veritone

We soon hit the limitation on using Excel due to large datasets and the lack of the flexibility to connect to different data sources. The process was subject both to delays and to constraints on the sophistication of our analysis

Automating a manual data preparation and management process

Originally in 2015, Veritone came across the Alteryx Analytic Process Automation Platform while researching ways to improve and advance their analytics processes.

“Some of the things that stood out to us were that Alteryx enabled us to visualize each step of the data preparation process to easily make changes and, simply load data from various disparate sources and blend them together,” Jones says. “Further, Alteryx complements and extends our AI-powered intelligent process automation. Through an integration with Veritone aiWARE, we are able to take unstructured data from audio and video files and convert it into usable structured data.”

When it came time to analyze and uncover insights for the Uplift Study, the amount of data points that would need to be correlated proved to be daunting. Within the study of 250 broadcast campaigns was data such as type of advertisement, day of the week, time of day, the value of live versus prerecorded ads and more.

“For this study, we leveraged the ability to standardize procedures using macros — a scalability feature of Alteryx that compresses a multistep workflow into a single tool. This specific project required bringing different datasets for analysis (such as data from the internal warehouse, the web and a shared drive). Alteryx gave us the capability to automate and perform data preparation and processing.”

Instead of building individual workflows, Veritone was able to automate the whole procedure from data ingestion to data preparation for reporting. This enabled Veritone to iterate faster, yielding a deeper and more comprehensive analysis in the study.

One solution for impressive results

Jones says that Alteryx has given the team a huge advantage.“The automation process saved significant time on doing repetitive and routine work for the study and gave us additional insights we couldn’t have otherwise developed. On the agency side, it has given us 25% more time building more robust campaign attribution methodologies, which provide our advertiserswith game-changing insights into their advertising spend. Being able to automate a process that usually takes hours has allowed us to truly differentiate our agency in the marketplace.”

“Alteryx works so intuitively for blending data,” Jones says. “If a task requires joining 12 different data tables with a large dataset, Alteryx helps tremendously with the process. I estimate that we've saved at least 88% in time spent.” This time savings has enabled Veritone to:

1. Provide richer analysis of campaign spend and in the Uplift study.

2. Expand the scope of analysis, effectively measuring all aspects of the business.

3. Engage in more client projects and value-added services.

The automation process has given us 25% more time on building more robust campaign attribution methodologies, which provide our advertisers with game-changing insights into their advertising spend.

What's Next?
Pushing the strategy forward

So what's next for Veritone? Jones says they’ll continue their current strategy of automating their projects so that their clients can get the most out of Veritone’s AI expertise. “We’ll continue to automate our processes, and we’re particularly excited to infuse our AI capabilities into the Alteryx Platform, providing customers with brand-new access to their unstructured data.”

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