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Delivering quality medical devices to patients around the world

Specializing in solutions for joints such as the knee, hip, shoulder, and foot, Zimmer Biomet is a global giant in manufacturing quality medical devices for patients everywhere. “We’re a leader in the medical device market not just in the U.S., but across the world,” says Saritha Paturu, Global Analytics IT Manager at Zimmer Biomet. “We consider ourselves one of the top choices for patients who need the right quality solution to meet their conditions.”

“Data plays a huge role in our initiatives, and my team supports all of our enterprise analytics. We make sure that everyone has visibility and access to all of our data. However, in 2018, we were working in silos across departments, as there was a lot of manual work the planners experienced having to update the data into Excel, and we had limitations sharing insights with other teams. Users had a lot of dependency on IT to combine datasets, plus their requirements were always changing, and there was a long queue of data requests from numerous teams. We knew this wasn’t sustainable and needed a more efficient way to operate.”


Saritha Paturu,
Global Analytics IT Manager,
Zimmer Biomet


User requirements are always changing, there was a long queue of data requests from numerous teams, and we had to find a way to consolidate daily, weekly, and monthly reports for around two-thousand users.

Using automation for efficient, scalable processes and company value

“We were introduced to Alteryx in 2019 and could immediately see the benefits of working with it,” says Vasu Lakkamraju, Tableau & Alteryx Lead at Zimmer Biomet. “Almost right away, we had numerous departments within the organization taking advantage of the Platform.” Several different teams within Zimmer have changed their approach to various team initiatives. Examples:

  1. Commercial Sales team: Zimmer’s United States commercial sales team used Alteryx to automate sales target data by integrating with their Salesforce CRM, enabling the company to achieve a cost-savings of over two million dollars through using Alteryx to handle complex business logic, and partnering with their IT department to minimize costs and deliver the project on time.
  2. Corporate Pricing Sales team: Zimmer’s corporate pricing sales team automated the creation of customer pricing notifications and a two-day process became a two-hour process. They also automated their administration fee monthly accrual report and reduced the monthly reconciliation process from two days to four hours.
  3. Orthopedic Strategy team: Alteryx has allowed the orthopedic strategy team’s power users to automate countless data transformation workflows, saving over twenty hours weekly. Users schedule sources that are too massive to run on individual computers without bogging down performance. Alteryx has also enabled the team to perform ad-hoc data integrations and analysis, including tying together data from various systems like SMS, user generated reports (financial adjustments, Salesforce inputs, etc.), and 3rd party purchased data (IQVIA, Sunshine data, etc.). This ability saves the business hundreds of thousands in IT costs, as well as freeing up time for IT partners to focus on other pressing priorities.
  4. Global Tax team: Zimmer’s global tax team is using Alteryx to supplement their ability to perform large-scale tax calculations. The Platform helped the team build in-house tools to replace work that their consultants would have done, enabling them to realize substantial cost savings while also both learning the Platform, and educating the staff more about tax calculations.

Vasu Lakkamraju,
Tableau & Alteryx Lead,
Zimmer Biomet

3 Reasons Zimmer Biomet Chose Alteryx:



Automation of manual processes across numerous departments


Easy access and sharing of insights


Drive self-service model to enable data-driven decision making

Achieving widespread upskilling across departments

“We’re able to focus on business outcomes with much greater efficiency and speed than before,” Paturu says. “We see Alteryx as the logic engine that helps propel our business forward. It removes human error and inconsistency, and it generates data sources for our team to leverage in daily analysis with consistent logic.”

“By using the Alteryx Platform for such large-scale initiatives across departments, it’s helped us scale analytical processes and collaboration into centralized management,” says Lakkamraju. “We’re seeing internal upskilling at massive scale, and it’s formed a power community within the organization, where we are able to help each other answer questions and solve problems.”

By using the Alteryx Platform for such large-scale initiatives across departments, it’s helped us scale analytical processes and collaboration into centralized management.

What's Next?
Taking on the future with data and analytics

So what's next for Zimmer? Paturu says their team will be tackling some large-scale projects with the resources they have at their disposal. “Our next task is to migrate our EMEA workforce data and analytics onto our enterprise Server, as we want to enable easy access to insights across the organization,” Paturu says. “We still have numerous systems and disparate data sources. Over the next three to four years, we’ll need to work even faster and more efficiently, and I believe Alteryx will play a huge role in preventing chaos on all of our teams.”

“We are launching Alteryx Intelligence Suite used for machine learning automation for predictive analytics beginners. These citizen data scientists can now create models in minutes, and the primary feature sets include:

  • Building models in minutes: Quickly create trustworthy data science and machine learning models to solve business problems.
  • Automate machine learning: Accelerate productivity and innovation by using built-in best practices.
  • Unlock the power of text analytics: Unlock hidden insights by extracting data from text and PDF documents to discover topics and sentiment.”

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