BAE Systems


What I like most about Alteryx is the fact that when I ask for a change my team can actually make that change really quickly using Alteryx. It has made us more agile.

Rana Dalbah

Director of Workforce Intelligence



Alteryx enables me to do far more than I ever thought I could a lot faster than I ever thought I could.

Marc Ponick

Operations Analyst

Dairy Queen


The beauty of Alteryx is that even though I have a GIS background that’s geography based, some programming, I can still use Alteryx and not have to know how to program.

Kara Mills

Manager, Market Planning & Development

Dunkin’ Brands


Alteryx has been a gift to us in terms of being able to identify the relationships in data.

Channing Lackland

Market Planner

Family Dollar


For Alteryx, the real benefit for us is being able to use datasets that could potentially be into the tens of millions of records and being able to run modules that only take maybe a minute or two to run versus taking minutes to hours to potentially days.

Derek Morrell

Manager, Predictive Analytics