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Icons of Analytics - Alteryx Inspire 2017



From hands-on training and expert tips and tricks to the strategic business perspective you need to become an analytics leader, Inspire 2017 session delivered iconic insights to help you fuel your career.

Inspire 2017 sessions were offered in five separate tracks, designed to deliver insights and education for multiple parts of your organization.



Inspire 2017 Opening Keynote - Dean Stoecker Chairman & CEO - Alteryx

Chairman, CEO and founding partner of Alteryx, Dean Stoecker, opened the Inspire 2017 conference with a reflection on the "Icons of Analytics" and trends that have shaped the Industry 4.0 world we live in today. He discusses the three big challenges to analytic excellence that organizations are facing, and recommends the creation of the Office of the CDO to address these challenges. But, the CDO needs an analytics platform built for the Enterprise, and Dean outlines how the Alteryx platform is evolving to continue to deliver a thrilling analytics experience for data analysts, citizen data scientists, and data scientists.


Inspire 2017 Product Keynote - Langley Eide, SVP Strategy and Operations, Jay Bourland, SVP Engineering - Alteryx

Alteryx SVP of Strategy and Operations, Langley Eide, and SVP of Engineering, Jay Bourland, highlighted key developments in the Alteryx platform and set the vision for where the platform is headed. They showed how Alteryx is bringing siloed data together in a centralized environment to deliver a governed and collaborative environment for users to access the most relevant data needed for their analysis. In addition, they gave a glimpse into the future of where Alteryx is headed with enhancements to reporting capabilities, and how Alteryx plans to support the broader analytics deployments and scaling with Python and Spark.


Inspire 2017 Customer Keynote - Olivia Duane Adams, Chief Customer Officer - Alteryx
Olivia Duane Adams is a founding partner of Alteryx, and as Chief Customer Officer, she is responsible for overseeing and maximizing the complete Alteryx customer experience, from engagement to on-boarding, communications, performance, and retention. Libby provided a highlight recap of Inspire 2017, presented the Alteryx Grand Prix trophy, announced the launch of Alteryx Academy, presented the Alteryx Analytics Excellence award winners and inaugural Alteryx for Good awards, and revealed the top-secret location of Inspire 2018.

Business Leader Track
Designed for business leaders who use analytics to drive organizational change and improvement, this track featured a range of customer speakers and industry experts. Watch the replays to explore topics as varied as how to become an analytics-led organization, improve customer engagement through Big Data, and make strategic decisions with predictive analytics. The Business Leader track will help you become an analytics leader in your organization.

A Prescription for HR and M&A Analytics Success

MylanOne of the world's leading generics and specialty pharmaceutical companies, Mylan markets its products in approximately 165 countries and territories with a workforce of 35,000+ employees. Having experienced significant growth over the last 10 years—primarily through acquisitions—the company recognized that analytics played a key role in its successful onboarding of new employees.

In this session, you'll hear how Mylan's analytics team partnered with the company's HR department to find previously elusive answers to several critical questions. You'll also find out how HR led an effort to adopt a self-service analytics toolset, consisting of Alteryx and Tableau, to collaborate more efficiently and reduce its reliance on IT resources. And you'll get a deep-dive into two Alteryx-enabled projects that helped HR better understand the value of an analytics mindset.

Julia Jacovino - Sr. Manager, Global HR Reporting & Analytics - Mylan
Andy Miller - Sr. Manager, Visualization & Analytics - Mylan


The Last Great Data Race

MylanOne thousand miles of the roughest, most beautiful terrain on the planet. A musher with a sled-dog team in below-zero temperatures on a frozen trail dotted with wildlife, bordered by mountain ranges, and peppered with treacherous river crossings. This is the Iditarod: "The Last Great Race on Earth," and analyzing data for it has some unique challenges created by cultural and environmental factors. When your customer's address is "The Last Grey House in Noatak" or "SW Face White Mountain," GIS mapping can be a problem.

In this session, you'll learn how GCI, an Alaska-based technology company, has brought technology to the Iditarod. You'll also hear how self-service analytics has played a major role in GCI's corporate strategy. Cute puppy pictures guaranteed!

Matt Childs - Director, Data Analytics - General Communication Incorporated (GCI)


The Points are the Point

Southwest AirlinesSouthwest Airlines has been repeatedly recognized for having one of the most rewarding loyalty programs, both in terms of value and travel flexibility. The airline's Rapid Rewards program allows members to accrue points in a variety of ways, with points redeemable for flights as well as other products and services. After a year, the customer's points expire, and they can be removed from the company's books.

In this session, you'll learn how Southwest used Alteryx to streamline the extremely complex data collection process and more effectively calculate the probability that a customer's points would expire. You'll hear how Alteryx ultimately saved the company $80+ million and cut eight weeks of work across 12 full-time employees.

Michael Overly - Customer Intelligence & Marketing Sciences - Southwest Airlines


Driving Enterprise Engagement with Alteryx

MarketoFor many, "data prep and analysis" is the phrase comes to mind when thinking of Alteryx, but at Marketo, its "governance and scalability." Marketo combines Alteryx and cloud computing to drive a fully automated solution that saves IT and lines of business both time and resources.

In this session, you'll learn how Alteryx enables Marketo to deliver an enterprise-class data architecture that drives business engagement and dashboard adoption across the entire company. What's more, you'll hear about Marketo's "Alteryx in the Box" deployments that drive new ways of thinking across the company and accelerate great ideas.

Tim Chandler - Principal Business Analyst - Marketo


Curing Analytic Woes

Celgene CorporationA global biopharmaceutical company, Celgene Corporation focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of products for severe immune and inflammatory conditions. For the Inflammation and Immunology (I&I) division of Celgene, Alteryx has become the critical third leg of a three-legged stool upholding the organization's lean data analytics infrastructure. The stool includes an Amazon Redshift database, which contains big data, processed with ongoing business rules; Tableau, which serves as the primary tool to analyze our data and distribute data and insights within the organization; and Alteryx, which makes the infrastructure nimble.

In this session, you'll hear how Celgene uses Alteryx to bridge Redshift and Tableau by blending "small data" in Excel with the larger Redshift database; automating various weekly and monthly reporting in Excel, Tableau, and PowerPoint; and experimenting with major business rule changes before implementing in Redshift or elsewhere. What's more, you'll see specific examples of how Celgene utilizes this nimble infrastructure to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver analytics to senior executives and other stakeholders within the company.

Madhan Goundry - Sr. Manager, Marketing and Analytics for Inflammation and Immunology - Celgene


Panel Session - Creating an Analytic Culture

Panel SessionCreating and fostering a culture of analytics throughout an enterprise takes planning, organization, and some serious determination. Corralling the overwhelming influx of data sources to make daily decisions that materially impact the business isn't easy -pitfalls abound, especially when the organization at large is not on board.

In this panel session, you'll hear analytics leaders from a variety of organizations discuss how they have helped create a culture that embraces analytics and enables their organizations to use quantitative data and predictive analytics methods to stay ahead of the curve. You'll also learn their tips and tricks for getting business and IT professionals to work together to deliver valuable insights much faster than ever before, how to get leadership buy-in and support, and what classic mistakes to avoid.

Antonio San Juan - Manager, Trade Audit - Tyson Foods, Inc
Justin Jones - Director of Dashboard, Analytics, and Reporting - Brandmuscle
Katherine Matthews - Database Manager - Entomological Society of America
Kristin Scholer - Manager, Insights - Ansira


Driving Organizational Change for More Meaningful Insights

WernerA premier global transportation and logistics company, Werner Enterprises is among the five largest truckload carriers in the United States. It has a diversified portfolio of transportation services and the company's Werner Logistics subsidiary provides freight management, truck brokerage, intermodal, as well as international services. The company's mission is to deliver these solutions responsibly and safely, and it relies on Alteryx to help do this.

In this session, you'll learn how IT and line of business (LOB) decision makers at Werner worked together to get IT away from doing ETL work and focused on larger, more impactful projects, such as their data warehouse. The shift in focus resulted in access to real-time data for more meaningful data-driven driven decisions for the LOB. You'll also hear how the organization began using Alteryx in conjunction with Tableau to address basic questions at first, and then quickly scaled their analytics practice to ask questions that could not be addressed prior to the data enrichment and analyses they conduct within their Alteryx workflows.

Jeff Walters - Director, Strategic Business Analytics - Werner


Using Alteryx to Drive T&E Compliance: Priceless

MastercardIn a complex and global company like Mastercard, ensuring the accuracy of company travel and entertainment expenses is critical. Thanks to Alteryx, Mastercard's Shared Services organization has been able to improve spending visibility, identify spending patterns, and improve cardholder behavior.

In this session, you'll learn how Mastercard utilizes Alteryx to drive T&E compliance and identify patterns in spending while also utilizing forecasting models to determine the estimated cost savings and overall impact of travel and expenses on the company's bottom line.

Rhianna Thomas - Sr. Data Analyst, Analytics & Metrics - Mastercard
Natalia Terhardt - Analyst, Data Scientist - Mastercard


The Art of Analytics

AutodeskMuseums are complex organizations, although most people don't realize or recognize this fact. Most museums combine a number of business models within one operation and consider both mission- and financially driven objectives in everyday decision-making. What's more, museums face significant headwinds, such as increasing costs and an uncertain economic environment.

In this session, you'll hear how the Art Institute of Chicago (ARTIC) has leveraged Alteryx to grow attendance and operating revenue through more informed decision-making, strengthened operations to share more of its collection online, and understand its audiences with the aid of machine learning. Through specific examples of the museum's successes, failures, and efforts in-between, you'll gain relevant insight into how to introduce or scale analytics in a resource-limited environment.

Andrew Simnick - SVP, Finance, Strategy, and Operations - Art Institute of Chicago


Constructing Actionable Data and Analytics from Disparate Systems

AutodeskLarge companies have great data — lots of it — in disparate systems. Autodesk is no different. What is different, however, is how Autodesk uses Alteryx to support key sales programs.

In this session, you'll learn how Autodesk traverses millions of account records to identify target accounts with profiles aligned with a campaign; leverages fuzzy matching to help identify intersections between Autodesk customers and outside lists; packages hundreds of Excel spreadsheets with target customer profiles; extracts data directly from; and blends data across multiple disparate systems to track results on key programs.

Toby Jutras - Sr. Sales Execution Manager, Americas - Autodesk


Data Analyst Track
Led by data analysts from our customers and partners, the Data Analyst Track was all about real world experience. Watch the replays and learn directly from the experts about how to turbo charge your current skill set. From best practices and how-to's to expert panels and case studies about customers' use of Alteryx to solve specific problems, the Data Analyst Track at Inspire will 'inspire' you to try new ideas and help you get the most from your analytics investment.

The Road Most Travelled: How Redbox Optimizes the Largest Retail Network in the U.S.

RedboxWith over 40,000 kiosks across the U.S., Redbox has one of the largest and most complex retailer footprints. To manage this network, Redbox relies on custom Alteryx geospatial modules to help optimize their current footprint and identify attractive sites for new installs. This session will focus on the roles that Alteryx and Tableau play in the company's existing Site Selection process and the challenges Redbox faces in finding attractive new sites in an already dense network. Redbox will also discuss recent efforts to refine their process by leveraging Alteryx to identify Natural Shopping areas with favorable demographics to support additional kiosk growth.

Steven Fickes Jr. - Manager, Strategy & Analytics - Redbox


Overcoming a Crap Rap and Mishap with a Recap and Heat Map

Alaska Air Group, IncHow Alteryx enabled one analyst to single-handedly elevate employee analytics from next-to-nothing (stereotypical "crap rap" HR reputation of gut-driven decisions) to company-standard (data-driven/intensive). Levon Johnson, Manager of Employee Data and Analytics at Alaska Airlines, shares ideas and methods that can be applied to any function and industry. See real examples of quick-win projects, process improvements, meaningful reports, and the Alteryx workflows and tools that make it all possible. This fast-paced presentation will highlight creating heat/thematic map visual analytics with geo-coding and reporting, deciphering names from free-form text boxes with fuzzy matching and parsing, and dealing with effective-dated databases with data preparation.

Levon Johnson - Manager, Employee Data & Analytics - Alaska Air Group, Inc


Self-Service Fuzzy Matching

MedPro GroupThe insurance industry is full of data that comes in all shapes and sizes. When this data needs to be matched or duplicates need to be removed, Fuzzy Matching in Alteryx is your best friend. However, Fuzzy Matching is... well... fuzzy and doesn't lend itself to flexible, automated solutions. Come see how MedPro Group — Berkshire Hathaway's dedicated healthcare liability solution — uses the power of Alteryx macros and the Alteryx Server to take the Fuzzy Match tool and transform it into a comprehensive matching and deduping system that anyone in the company can leverage for all types of business problems. For new and experienced Fuzzy Match users, this session is a great opportunity to conquer fuzzy matching, learn how to expand the capabilities of Fuzzy Match tool, and experience the Alteryx Server from the company who earned the Alteryx Excellence Award for Best Use of Server in 2016. You'll also learn the power of Alteryx batch macros and how all these skills can be leveraged to solve a variety of business problems.

Jim Kunce - Sr. Vice President & Chief Actuary - MedPro Group
Dulton Moore - Actuarial Analyst - MedPro Group


A Logistics Data Revolution

Polaris Industries Inc.Monitoring core operational performance in any organization can be expensive, inaccurate, and manually cumbersome, as was the case at Polaris, one of the world's largest Powersports companies. Polaris lacked the ability to accurately produce critical metrics fast enough to measure business performance or facilitate data-based decisions. Attend this session and learn how Craig Nickels, Logistic Analyst at Polaris, was able to able to take a data blending and preparation process that used to take one day and reduce it down to one hour. Hear details on the workflows that now allow his team to deliver the metrics that were once unattainable, and to drive innovation and change throughout his organization.

Craig Nickels - Logistics Analyst - Polaris Industries Inc.


Doing More with Less: Accelerating the BI Roadmap at

ShopAtHome.comWith over 15,000,000 active visitors and 5,000 affiliated merchants, generates huge volumes of data across 3 platforms. With just over 50 employees - 4 of whom oversee data and analytics - managing the business is no trivial task. For years, they have relied on operational data stores and Excel spreadsheets to make 'data-driven decisions'. This fairly reactive approach worked for years, but with market changes, a proactive approach was needed to ensure sustainability. EDW projects made self-service analytics a reality, but the process was slow, expensive, and made data quality issues and data governance unwieldy. With Alteryx, ShopAtHome is meeting their day-to-day needs and have accelerated their long-term roadmap. Join this session to learn how ShopAtHome has leveraged Alteryx to:

  • Improve source data quality with the predictive tools
  • Significantly reduce data product 'time-to-market' with the data blending and publishing tools
  • Expand its data ecosystem using 3rd party connectors
  • Make more proactive data decisions to remain competitive in the affiliate marketing space

Matt Simcox - Director of Business Intelligence -
Zach Bloese - Business Intelligence Analyst -


"How Soon Can You Get Here?!" – Optimizing the DELL|EMC Global Service Force using Alteryx, Tableau, and... Lemonade

DELL|EMCWhen your access to data is compromised, so is your understanding of your business. Alteryx and Tableau play a crucial role in ensuring that the DELL|EMC service force swiftly supports customers during times of need, when fast response time is essential for customer satisfaction. Learn how the DELL|EMC Field Scheduling system is optimized by utilizing Alteryx workflows to blend and analyze disparate data sets, and Tableau visualizations to innovate an informative, customer-friendly web interface. Steve will also share how DELL|EMC utilizes unconventional inspiration sources like pizza, TV and lemonade for guidance in providing outstanding support for their customers!

Steve Scales - Sr. Data Intelligence Engineer - DELL|EMC

Sponsored by Tableau


Is There a Doctor in the House? Joining Healthcare Data to Track Doctor-to-Patient Episodes

SCL HealthFrom practitioners to procedures and insurance, healthcare organizations have many systems, most with complex data. SCL Health is using the power of Alteryx to join and analyze patient data, payment data, insurance data, and more, from many sources — a data lake in Hadoop, Excel spreadsheets, and SQL databases. Join to learn how self-service data blending is helping SCL Health to address multiple use cases including:

  • Analyzing and reporting on patient outcomes to track doctor-to-patient attribution over time
  • How payment models have drastically changed, moving from a fee-for-service model to a value-based payments, where care outcomes and patient satisfaction now determine how much a hospital gets paid for procedures
  • Building a current-state and historical doctor master index that is automatically dashboarded, to track operating room set-up customized to each doctor

Brenda Fosmire - Analytics Architect - SCL Health
Cyndi Tamayo - Analytics Architect - SCL Health


Breaking Barriers: Overcoming Implementation Challenges to Gain Deeper Analytic Insight at Intermountain Healthcare

Southwest AirlinesWith approximately 250 analysts across their system, Intermountain Healthcare overcame many concerns and barriers as they worked to implement Alteryx. From security to workflow and data sharing, data governance, data architecture, and predictive modeling, Lynsie Daley, James Selfridge and team successfully broke down these barriers to move their Alteryx implementation forward. As a result, their team has delved into many core functionalities of Alteryx: data preparation, In-Database, macros, spatial mapping for population coverage and drive times, blending multiple data sources with their EDW, and time-series forecasting. Join to hear Intermountain's story from investigation to implementation and roll-out; incredible use cases they have tackled; and how the Alteryx platform has rapidly become one of their most powerful tools, as they continue to discover how to deepen analytical insights and improve process efficiency.

Lynsie Daley - Technical Data Analyst - Intermountain Healthcare
James Selfridge - Data Analyst - Intermountain Healthcare


The Fraud Game: How the Staples, Inc. Global Loss Prevention Investigations Team Competes Against the Digital Fraud Industry

StaplesWith losses due to credit card fraud projected to top $10 billion in the United States alone by 2020, all retailers are striving protect their customers, and their profits, from the constant threat of fraud. The Digital Fraud Industry is a highly organized and well financed adversary that has driven Loss Prevention and Cyber Security Professionals to review data at near real time speed while simultaneously innovating to combat new and emerging threats. Using Alteryx and data visualization strategies, the Staples, Inc. GLPI team will share some of their methods to compete and stay ahead of fraud.

William Strouse - Sr. Loss Prevention Analyst - Staples, Inc.


Technology Track
Get the details on new Alteryx technologies and hear about exciting product updates directly from the Alteryx team that developed them. The Alteryx Technology Track will be your deep dive into topics from basic data blending tips and tricks to more advanced topics such as predictive and spatial analytics, and server deployment considerations.

Rediscover Alteryx — and Fall in Love all Over Again

AlteryxGet reacquainted with Alteryx! In this session, we will update you on all the features we've released since last Inspire. This is a great level-setting session for all attendees and will help you maximize your time at Inspire.

Ben Gomez - Director, Product Management - Alteryx


Autopilot Equals Analytic Freedom

AlteryxSpend less time refreshing and maintaining your analytic apps and more time analyzing, exploring, and expanding your insights. Learn how to automate jobs and easily adjust them on the fly when things change. Find out how to sustain day-to-day business processes and eliminate repetitive tasks so you can free up your team to tackle those analytics projects you've been dreaming about.

Julie Mendelson - Product Owner - Alteryx


Master the Essentials of Data Prep and Data Blending

AlteryxIn life, becoming an expert at something begins with having a strong foundation in the basics, and it's no different with analytics. This session presents best-practice solutions for the three main components of data preparation and blending: handling data sources, building efficient workflows, and conducting data exploration. We'll show you how you can optimize each of these components within Alteryx and avoid data analysis errors, thereby saving valuable time in the decision-making process.

Ben Gomez - Director, Product Management - Alteryx
Rachel Wynn - Product Owner - Alteryx


It's All About the Scale: Deployment Considerations for Driving Enterprise-Scale Analytics

AlteryxDo you know the best configuration options to optimally scale your Alteryx deployment? If not, this session is for you! We'll discuss best practices for when and how to scale out Alteryx in your organization and address the top five concerns and needs for IT when scaling.

Matt Braun - Product Manager - Alteryx


The Workflow Whisperer

AlteryxIf you've ever spent time trying to unravel a problem in your workflow, you don't want to miss this session. We'll help you understand exactly how data moves through the workflow, common errors you may encounter, and exactly how to rectify those errors. You'll leave this session knowing how to track backward in your workflow and whisper it into obedience.

Christine Bonthius - Customer Support Engineer - Alteryx
Criston Schellenger - Sr. Customer Support Engineer - Alteryx


Building Blocks for a Successful Culture of Self-Service Analytics

AlteryxA culture of self-service analytics doesn't happen by accident. When you implement a few key best practices, you can harness the value of analytics in the modern workplace, reinforce behavior that empowers employees, and multiply the ROI of your software investment. This session will share some of the best practices that have resulted in a strong culture of self-service analytics using Alteryx.

Patrick Nussbaumer - Director, Technical Enablement - Alteryx


Deep Dive into the Download Tool: Tips for Extending Alteryx Connectivity

AlteryxTake your data analytics to the next level by incorporating data from the web, scraping online information, and using the Download Tool in Alteryx. This session will include tips and tricks on how to get started connecting to and joining a variety of data sources and using them in your workflow to develop deeper insights.

Tasha Alfano - Enterprise Engineering Team Lead - Alteryx


Alteryx Tips and Tricks: An Interactive Session

AlteryxSince Alteryx 6.0 and 7 years ago, this popular session has been our way to share with you, our customers, the tips & tricks we've learned along the way. For all user levels of Alteryx, this session will help you make the most of Alteryx. Learn where to go for information when you're stuck, what tips & tricks can help you optimize your workflow, and which ones you just shouldn't live without. Hear from Alteryx experts as well as your peers in this interactive knowledge sharing session. Join us for the 7th edition of our Tips & Tricks session.

Margarita Wilshire - Sr. Supervisor, Customer Support - Alteryx
Henriette Haigh - Sr. Customer Support Engineer - Alteryx
Jessica Silveri - Customer Support Engineer - Alteryx


Getting to the (Location) Point in your Data

AlteryxThere's more to your data than meets the eye. While your dataset may include location information, it's under- utilized because you may not know when and how to use this hidden treasure of information. This session will help you kick up your insight a notch by understanding why the location point in your data matters. We'll also share common use cases for leveraging location information that add another level of detail to your insight.

Gene Rinas - Sr. Solutions Engineer - Alteryx
Jerad Rades - Customer Support Engineer - Alteryx


What's in that Alteryx Predictive Install?

AlteryxTake a fast paced tour of the Alteryx advanced analytics functionality from Clustering to Predictive Modeling to Optimization. We'll slow down only for a moment to discuss why you'd use a certain predictive algorithm over another. This session is excellent in helping you understand when you'd use one model over another, and get more comfortable with the predictive models available.

Neil Ryan - Product Manager - Alteryx


Mind the Data Gap: Amending your Data for New Insights

AlteryxBetter insights begin with comprehensive datasets. Learn how to amend your datasets with our high-quality data that's updated regularly to discover new insight opportunities and gain a deeper understanding of your customer's characteristics. Hear use cases and learn how to combine internal data with third-party data from leading providers, such as Experian, Dun & Bradstreet and TomTom, to augment your analytic insights.

Wendy Chow - Sr. Manager, Data Products - Alteryx


The Art and (Data) Science of Data Cleansing and Quality

AlteryxBy itself, predictive modeling can be difficult to implement. What's more, the growing number of data types and sources are making the data preparation process more complex. While predictive modeling can deliver substantial business gains, it can also wreak havoc if the data used for analysis is not accurate or complete. In this session, we'll help you understand how to assess the quality of your data, cleanse and prepare data for analysis, and decide the right predictive modeling techniques for your specific situation.

Dan Putler - Chief Scientist - Alteryx


Predictive Wrappers Delight

AlteryxAlteryx offers a little-known secret when it comes to using code for advanced analytic models and tasks. This session is for the data scientist wanting to incorporate predictive coding into his/her usage of Alteryx.

Neil Ryan - Product Manager - Alteryx


Unlocking the Secrets of the Alteryx APIs and SDK

AlteryxHave you discovered the secret power of the Alteryx APIs and SDK? If not, you must attend this session. In this session, we'll show you how you can unlock new and powerful capabilities with the APIs and SDK, and we'll walk through a use case to show you just how powerful the Alteryx API and SDK can be.

Neil Ryan - Product Manager - Alteryx
JP Kabler - Software Engineer - Alteryx


Location, Location, Location: Discovering Advanced Spatial Functions

AlteryxIf you've explored the basics of spatial analytics in Alteryx, this session will help you dig even deeper. We'll showcase how to create advanced maps in Alteryx and integrate it into other spatial tools. We'll also discuss advanced geocoding techniques using Alteryx spatial tools and cover topics such as distance between two points, spatial match, supporting features for kml and geojson codes, and the tricky business of linking US & Canadian addresses with latitudes and longitudes as well as Zip codes.

Gene Rinas - Sr. Solutions Engineer - Alteryx


Information Discovery. Governance with a Business Twist

AlteryxYou won't want to miss this session! Hear how Alteryx thinks about governance through innovative ways to empower users to find, understand and collaborate on all information assets relevant to their business questions. Attend this session to find out how analytic teams can best enable users with trusted information and how users in an organization can see their work discovered and utilized by their peers.

JC Raveneau - Sr. Director, Product Management - Alteryx
Dan Hilton - Solutions Architect - Alteryx


Making a Small Job Out of Big Data With In-Database Connections

AlteryxThe volume of data is growing exponentially and it's now the norm to store every bit of it. With the innovative in-database tools, Alteryx puts Big Data in the hands of all analysts. Learn how to maximize your existing Big Data infrastructure, when to move data out for processing, and when to use in-database blending.

Alex Patten - Product Manager, Data Platforms - Alteryx

Alteryx ACE Track
With passion and determination, Alteryx ACEs demonstrate not only their mastery of Alteryx, but also have a willingness to share their knowledge with the rapidly expanding Alteryx community. In this NEW track for 2017, ACEs shared their use cases, advanced tips and tricks and expertise around core Alteryx capabilities, from predictive analytics to spatial analytics, and more. Network and learn from some of the best Alteryx users in the world in this track designed for hardcore, advanced users.

Best Practices for Moving from Ad-Hoc Analysis to Enterprise Production

InvisoTransitioning from ad-hoc analysis to larger, scheduled workflows that run daily, weekly, or monthly can be cumbersome, but not if you know a few basic tricks. In this session, we'll review some basics that can ease the transition, including project structure, data consistency checks, and documentation, as well as best practices for managing a code-base across many users, error reporting, and workflow design patterns.

Daniel Brun - Alteryx Consultant - Inviso


From customer list to retail expansion strategy. All you need is Alteryx with Spatial and Data – Some Assembly Required.

B.I. SpatialNo matter what industry you're in, understanding who are your best customers and where to find more of them is the brass ring. And with Alteryx, it's a simple process. In this session, we'll demonstrate a few easy steps that will help you move from Excel spreadsheets to the foundation of a fact-based expansion plan. You'll leave understanding how to utilize ConsumerView data, Calgary join functionality, spatial processing, and reporting tools to produce a final report that's fit to share with every executive in your organization.

Andy Moncla - Chief Operating Officer - B.I. Spatial


Scraping Web Data with Alteryx

InterworksHave you ever needed to pull data from a website and been frustrated by the lack of a download button or an API? Public data is available on every website you visit, and all it takes to scrape that data is a URL and some Alteryx magic. Using Alteryx, you can bring public website data directly into your workflows—without copying and pasting. In this session, we'll cover the Alteryx download tool, parsing tools, and batch macros.

Michael Treadwell - Analytics Consultant - Interworks


Jason & Steve's Excellent Analytics Adventure: Building a Culture of Self-Service at JPMorganChase

JPMorgan Chase & Co.Fast, modern and agile are not terms most people would associate with the large banks... until now. Join Jason as he travels back in time to assemble stakeholders and bring them together to save the future of business intelligence and analytics.

Jason Mack - VP Customer & Marketing Analytics - JPMorgan Chase & Co.


Tips and Tricks for More Performant Data Blending

KristalyticsControlling downstream data blending processes can get out of control quickly, particularly with tedious batch processes that kill productivity. But with the right tools and macros, you can significantly improve data blending performance in multi-step processes. In this session, we'll discuss how you can go beyond using the Alteryx join and summarize tools and use the regex, formula, and batch macro tools to reorganize and optimize your data.

Jarrod Thuener - Chief Analytics Officer - Kristalytics


Global Climate Change Case Study: Tips for Achieving Better Data Comprehension

3danim8For the past 2.5 years, Alteryx and Tableau have been used to process and visualize global climate data. Many different approaches were used to examine how the climate data has changed over time. The work was conducted to quantify and visualize how various climate variables have changed over time.

During this presentation, you will learn tips for better data comprehension including best practices for gathering data, workflows for data processing, and how you can apply interactive dashboards for improved storytelling. The goal of the presentation is to explain best practices for using Alteryx and Tableau together in a real world case study on global climate change.

Ken Black - Sr. Analytics Researcher & Technical Blogger - 3danim8


Rapid Fire Design Tips for Using Alteryx in a Team Environment

Schneider Electric You know that Alteryx can save you hundreds of hours each year. But as your organization grows, and more users across the enterprise adopt Alteryx, you need to think about how to use Alteryx in a team environment. In this session, we'll discuss 15 rapid-fire design tips for using Alteryx at scale and how you can transform Alteryx from an individual tool to an analytic workbench that drives enterprise-wide decision-making. You'll learn best practices for everything from labeling modules and documentation to data blending tips and how to train new users effectively.

Tom Sturgeon - Director of Market Intelligence - Schneider Electric


Techniques for Handling Data from Excel and Other Messy Unpredictable Files

Rosenblatt Securities Inc.Our data does not always start in clean and predictable databases. Data manually typed into Excel, or data files scraped from the web almost always need cleanup or validation before the real work can begin. In this tips and tricks session, we will cover techniques to add resiliency and messaging to your workflows, addressing situations including new/reordered/changed columns, combining multiple sheets from multiple files, and more.

Joe Mako - Director of Visual Analytics - Rosenblatt Securities


Tips & Tricks from an Alteryx Ace: Deploying Apps and Reporting to the Alteryx Gallery

PaychexNot every Alteryx app is created equal, nor is its data. Often, one user wants this set of data while a different user wants that set, even though the underlying app is the same. For example, a model that predicts various client behaviors, including upsell/cross sell propensity and possible churn, might be consumed by several users, each wanting a different data set. And then that data set might change in a month. How can you give your users the flexibility to change the data set quickly and easily in any Alteryx app? In this session, we'll explain how to streamline the process, reduce redundancy, and apply the governance required while creating a self-service app that gives your users ultimate flexibility. We'll also review how to ensure that each user can only view and run the models for which she has explicit permissions.

Michael Barone - Data Scientist - Paychex


Panel Session - Alteryx ACEs

Panel SessionAlteryx ACEs are some of the most influential experts of Alteryx, having demonstrated meaningful impacts to both their organization and to your Alteryx community. This session features Alteryx ACEs Mark Frisch from Marquee Crew, Jack Morgan from Charles Schwab, Patrick McAuliffe from Meijer, as well as a surprise guest, for an interactive and open discussion about their Alteryx experiences and best practices.

Mark Frisch - CEO & Founder - Marquee Crew
Jack Morgan - Business Intelligence Manager - Charles Schwab
Patrick McAuliffe - Drug Diversion Analyst - Meijer




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