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From hands-on training and expert tips and tricks to the strategic business perspective you need to become an analytics leader, Inspire Europe 2016 will provide you with the insights you need to fuel your career.

Inspire Europe 2016 sessions will be offered in three separate tracks, designed to deliver insights and education for multiple layers of your organisation.


Opening Keynote, Dean Stoecker Chairman & CEO, Alteryx
Chairman, CEO and founding partner of Alteryx, Dean Stoecker kicked off Inspire Europe 2016 with amazing use cases of Alteryx that have made profound changes in many organizations - stories about analysts who have accomplished what was previously thought to be impossible, and who were recognized for their efforts with awards, promotions, and other career advancements. He set the tone for the conference, embracing this year’s theme of “”, sharing his vision of self-service data analytics, and our belief that analytics skills are the single most important competency one must possess in order to continually move the needle on business performance.

Product Keynote, George Mathew, President & COO, Alteryx

President and COO George Mathew explored the detail of the Alteryx vision for self-service data analytics. He discussed the important role that data analysts have in solving today’s most strategic business challenges, and revealed the product direction for Alteryx and integration of partner capabilities. George also shared his insight into rapidly changing customer requirements, and discussed how our growing community of Alteryx users is achieving unprecedented improvements in operational efficiencies and return on investment.

Customer Keynote, Olivia Duane Adams, Chief Customer Officer, Alteryx

Olivia Duane Adams is a founding partner of Alteryx, and as Chief Customer Officer is responsible for overseeing and maximizing the complete Alteryx customer experience, from engagement to on-boarding, communications, performance, and retention. Libby provided a recap of Inspire Europe 2016, presented the inaugural Alteryx Grand Prix trophy for Europe, and three Alteryx Analytics Excellence Awards.


Data Analyst Track
Led by data analysts from our customers and partners, the Data Analyst Track is all about real world experience. Attend these sessions and you'll learn directly from the experts to turbo charge your current skill set. From best practices and how-to's to expert panels and case studies about customers' use of Alteryx to solve specific problems, the Data Analyst Track at Inspire Europe 2016 will help you get the most from your analytics investment.

UBS: Delivering Greater Insights, Faster, Across Lines of Business
UBSIT groups in companies of all sizes are increasingly asked to become service providers for the rest of the organization, allowing lines of business to make informed decisions about their individual IT investments. In this session, you'll learn how Alteryx and Tableau helped UBS enable LOB users to reduce the time needed to deliver views of spend and the impact of investments using self-service analytics.

Nick Bignell, Director Service Analytics, UBS

SABMiller: Enabling Self-Service Analytics Across a Multi-National Brewing and Beverage Company
SAB Miller PlcWhat does analytics have to do with beer? Plenty, as SABMiller plc, a multinational brewing and beverage company, discovered. The world's second-largest brewer measured by revenues and a major bottler of Coca-Cola, SABMiller is using Alteryx to enable self-service data analytics across its organization. Join this session to understand how the company is using Alteryx to deploy and derive value from self-service data analytics.

Stuart Murray, Global Enterprise Information Architect, SABMiller Plc

KPMG: Finding Value in Mergers & Acquisitions
KPMGCompanies are collecting more data than ever – but this plethora of data is meaningless without interpretation and understanding. The KPMG Deal Advisory Insights team use a dynamic process, providing deep analytics to evaluate a company’s performance, asses risk considerations and inform strategic decisions. Their tools allow them to strip down to the DNA of a company, working from transaction level data to provide diagnostic and descriptive insights. All of this analysis is done with a deal advisory perspective, at deal speed.

The use of data analytics tools turns the typical deal model on its head by allowing associates to spend less time crunching data and more time provided value-added business analysis. This means we deliver better insights and a more valuable deliverable for our clients. This is a game-changing differentiator that sets us apart from our competitors and builds stronger relationships with our clients.

Nicholas Metzgen Associate Director, Private Equity Deal Advisory Group, KPMG

Shell Oil: Digitalisation and Advanced Analytics @ Shell
Royal Dutch ShellPetroleum drilling and production costs can vary greatly by location, and involve many other factors beyond the cost of the well, including the charge to lease land and royalties. Using Alteryx, Shell is delivering innovative and agile analytics solutions to meet a broad spectrum of challenges. This session will outline how Shell is using self-service data analytics within the overall corporate strategy and how analytics impact the company's bottom line.

Dan Jeavons , Advanced Analytics CoE Lead (TaCIT Innovation), Royal Dutch Shell

Exterion Media: Using Data-Driven Insight to Improve Outdoor Advertising Placement and Reach
Exterion MediaOne of the best in the world, the London public transportation system lets advertisers reach millions of potential customers each day in the London Underground, DLR, Elizabeth Line (formerly Crossrail), London Overground, and London Tramlink. This session will explore how Alteryx helps Transport for London (TfL) leverage data insights to provide sophisticated solutions for advertising partners.

Ciaran Abel, Business Intelligence & Analytics Manager, Exterion Media

Adidas: WE e-Commerce Analytics
adidasIn sports apparel, customer behaviour is driven by many different communication channels, promotions, and even celebrity endorsements. So how can you drive an e-commerce business for sports apparel across 17 different markets when there are ever changing sources of data being generated? In this session, you'll learn how Adidas used Alteryx to combine data from different sources and create deeper business analytics that improved forecasting and promotional activity. You will also hear about the organizational challenges and skill set enhancements that Adidas went through to gain internal and external agility.

Mahendra Shikaripur, Director Analytics - eCommerce Western Europe, Adidas
Irina Mihai , Web Analytics Manager, eCommerce Western Europe, Adidas
Johannes Wagner, Senior Business Analyst, eCommerce Western Europe, Adidas

Sainsbury’s: Strategic Location Planning with Alteryx for Maximum Team Collaboration and Efficiency
Sainsbury'sThe Property Department's main responsibility at Sainsbury's is to ensure the locations of new and existing stores meet expectations. From the moment their team got their hands on Alteryx, the possibilities for location analysis became endless. Within this session you will see how Alteryx is much more than just a workflow.

Samantha Jayne Hughes, Analytical Systems Developer, Sainsbury's

Deloitte: Using and Alteryx to Drive Better Sales Performance
Deloitte DigitalHow do you objectively manage the performance of your field sales force? How can you understand the relative commercial opportunity in each sales rep's territory? Attend this session to learn how Deloitte Digital helped one of the world's largest consumer goods manufacturers answer these questions by combining data from with the power and speed of Alteryx.

Luke Howard, Analytics Consultant, Deloitte Digital
Ben Marten, Analytics Consultant, Deloitte Digital

Nordea: Working Agile and Improving Performance with Alteryx
NordeaSometimes the hardest part of a software project is driving the change within an organisation that comes with it. The rules imposed by large organisations — and especially the regulations in the financial sector — only add to the challenge. This is the story of how a small group of business users and IT specialists worked within the rules to enable self-service analytics and a new, better way of working.

Andrew Kurowski, Solution Architect, Nordea Markets



Alteryx Technology Track
Get the details on new Alteryx technologies and hear about exciting product updates directly from the Alteryx team that developed them. The Alteryx Technology Track will be your deep dive into topics from basic data blending tips and tricks to more advanced topics such as predictive and spatial analytics, and server deployment considerations.

Predictive Modeling Begins with Better Data Preparation
AlteryxPredictive modeling can be tough to implement in itself. Additionally, increasing data types and sources are making the data preparation process more complex too; and while predictive modeling can deliver substantial business gains, it can also wreak havoc if the data used for analysis is not accurate or complete. In this session learn how to assess the quality of your data, cleanse and prepare data for analysis, decide what predictive modeling techniques to use.

Dan Putler, Chief Scientist, Alteryx

Breaking Down Analytic Silos with Alteryx Server
AlteryxAs sharing workflows across analytic groups becomes the norm, streamlining and building analytics hubs of excellence is becoming more important than ever. This session presents best practice solutions for sharing, collaborating, and ensuring version control over workflows in order to break down analytic insight silos.

Kory Cunningham, Senior Product Manager, Alteryx

Alteryx Tips and Tricks I & II: Tools You Shouldn't Live Without & Explore the Unexplored
AlteryxDesigned for all user levels of Alteryx, this tips and tricks session will help you make the most of Alteryx Designer. Learn where to go for information when you're stuck, what tools can help you optimise your workflow, what tools you just shouldn't live without, and which underutilized tools that can save you precious time. Also, explore the latest tools in Alteryx Analytics

Ben Gomez, Director, Product Management, Alteryx

In-Database Blending & Analytics For Scale
AlteryxThe volume of data is growing exponentially and it's now the norm to store it all. With the new in-database tools, Alteryx once again innovates to put advanced in-database blending and analytic capabilities into the hands of analysts and decision makers. In this session, you will learn about the in-database tools: what they are, in what context you'll want to use them, and how they work.

JC Raveneau, Head of Product Strategy, Alteryx

Location and Spatial Analytic Intelligence: Adding Another Level to Your Insights
AlteryxMost data has some aspect of location information to give it relevance. The integration of location and spatial analytics allows analysts and decision-makers access to patterns and insights not available through a typical analytics process alone. Learn how to uncover and use spatial elements in your data to uncover trends, patterns, and relationships that aren't obvious in databases and spreadsheets. In this session we'll do a review of the tools available and highlight use cases to help you make the most of the location information in your data.

Amy Holland ,Vice President, Product Operations, Alteryx
Gene Rinas, Sr. Solutions Engineer, Alteryx

Data Blending Best Practices & Developments
AlteryxAs greater volumes and types of data become necessary for analysts to make critical business decisions, building streamlined applications for data prep, blending, and visualisation is now more important than ever. This session presents best practice solutions for three main components of data preparation and blending: handling data sources, building efficient workflows, and conducting data exploration. We'll show you how users can optimise each of these components within Alteryx and avoid data analysis errors, thereby saving valuable time in the decision-making process.

Ben Gomez, Director, Product Management, Alteryx





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