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Inspire Americas 2022 On-Demand General Session Content includes Alteryx executives showcasing new product offerings, customer success stories, and special thought leaders.

Day 1 General Session - The Vision of Analytics

Keith Pearce

Keith Pearce

Chief Marketing Officer

Who better to provide the Vision of Analytics then the analytics experts?

  • Calling All Changemakers: The Time Is Now with Mark Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Alteryx. Join Chief Executive Officer Mark Anderson for this fist-pumping kickoff to Inspire Americas 2022. With the urgency of purpose, his inspiring description of the ways that the broader Alteryx community are using data and analytics as a force for positive change in the world will fire up your imagination. You will feel empowered as never before to step up now and be a change agent in this remarkable movement.  Why not you?
  • Unlocking the Winning Formula with Alteryx with Paula Hansen, President and Chief Revenue Officer, and Keith Pearce, Chief Marketing Officer, Alteryx. Do you want everyone in your organization to have greater access to their data from everywhere? Do you want your data to drive higher efficiencies and vastly better business outcomes? Then be on hand when Alteryx President and CRO Paula Hansen and CMO Keith Pearce exchange insights into how Alteryx is empowering businesses like yours to go beyond traditional data analytic functions and achieve analytic nirvana in their digital transformations.  Shouldn’t analytic insights be for everyone?
  • Automating Analytics: Finding Clarity in a Chaotic World with Suresh Vittal, Chief Product Officer, Alteryx and product team leaders. Buckling supply chains. Fragmenting markets. Burgeoning data. Scarcity of talent. In this age of uncertainty, analytics can provide the clarity that your organization craves. Chief Product Officer Suresh Vittal is your guide as he shares the Alteryx product strategy and how our relentless innovation agenda will help you keep pace with the exploding demand for insights. You’ll also get a tour of the Alteryx roadmap and the pipeline of products that are bringing the awesome power of analytics to all.

General Session Speaker, Emma Gilmour

Emma Gilmour, McLaren - Extreme E Driver kicked-off the Day 2 General Session Line Up at Inspire Americas 2022 for a Fireside Chat with Charita McClellan, DE & I Manager, Alteryx.

Emma Gilmour Headshot

Race Car Driver, McLaren

Emma Gilmour

Emma Gilmour, McLaren's first ever female driver, is known for her vast experience in rallying, rallycross, cross-country rallying and most recently competing in the inaugural season of Extreme E. 

Day 2 General Session - Analytics for All

Alan Jacobson

Alan Jacobson

Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Alteryx

Alteryx expands the analytics space through accessibility and ease of use.

  • Breaking Extreme Barriers with Emma Gilmour, McLaren – Extreme E Driver, hosted by Charita McClellan, DE & I Manager, Alteryx.  Join Alteryx Inspire emcee and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion manager Charita McClellanand the first ever female driver for McLaren—Extreme E driver Emma Gilmour—for a fireside chat where they discuss the breakthroughs they experienced and lessons learned as they charted their own paths to success when the odds were against them.
  • Alteryx Product Sneaks with Corey Spencer, VP of Platform, Alteryx and special guest Jordan Klepper. Join us for our first ever Alteryx Products Sneaks at Inspire Americas! Comedian Jordan Klepper (The Daily Show) and Corey Spencer, VP of Platform, take the main stage for this exhilarating session highlighting Alteryx Product Engineering innovation. Join us as we pull back the curtain and reveal what we’re dreaming up. Alteryx Engineers and Product Managers will present their best new ideas and the audience (that means YOU) will get a chance to vote on your favorite. Don’t miss your chance to see what’s in store for future of Alteryx products, the geniuses behind the scenes, and revel in Jordan’s real-time reactions to it all.
  • Analytics Breakthroughs for All with Matthew Stauble, Chief Customer Officer, and Alan Jacobson, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Alteryx. Alteryx’s Chief Customer Officer, Mathew Stauble, and Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Alan Jacobson, are your expert guides on how Alteryx technology and innovation are helping people throughout the world experience analytic breakthroughs and how you can make actionable data part of everyday life.
  • Empowering People in Data Analytics with Olivia Duane Adams, Chief Advocacy Officer, Alteryx. Discover how Alteryx is leading the charge in making data analytics for all a reality across the globe through our modern, no-code platform. Olivia Duane Adams, Chief Advocacy Officer will detail the ways that Alteryx enables knowledge workers everywhere in any line of business to leverage data insights. You’ll also see how Alteryx upskilling is helping organizations increase their analytics maturity and how our education initiatives in universities are helping graduating students be proficient in analytics from day one on the job.

What is Inspire Graphic

What is Inspire?

Aptly named, Inspire is meant to get anyone and everyone even more inspired about analytics. Whether you’re an AI expert or analytics beginner, fuel your problem-solving fire with exhilarating keynotes, breakouts, and trainings. See how to solve your most challenging and complex problems, faster and better, and show your boss who the real boss is — analytics.